English Vocabulary Exercise – 38

English Skill Building – 69

February 24, 2020

  1. India, England confront their demons and the unknown in defining Test
  2. Sathiyan keeps his tryst with destiny

February 23, 2020

  1. Snehit hogs the limelight, storms into semifinals :The youngster dethrones Harmeet and stuns Sushmit in successive rounds

Confront one’s demons

  1. Yudhisthira leading his four Pandava brothers confronted his demon, when he reluctantly agreed to play a game of dice even if he was aware of the possible evil designs of his cousin Duryodhana. He was a simple and virtuous man with weakness for dice.
  2. The U.S. will soon confront the demons in Afghanistan as it sits down for conclusion of peace talks with the ever wily Taliban with no stake in peace. (It means when a good person or group has to face an adverse situation as a matter of habit, weakness or fate.)

Tryst with destiny..

  1. The BJP will have its tryst with destiny in West Bengal when it faces the Trinamool hoping to wrest power from Mamata Banerjee.
  2. With hours away from the Capitol Hill Senate meeting that was to authorize Biden as president, Trump faced his tryst with destiny, but failed to measure up to the challenge.

Storm into ..

  1. With Congress party diminishing in size with each passing day, and rest of the opposition in disarray, it is certain that BJP will storm into power in the next general elections too.
  2. With the English side being all out for a paltry 112, it seems likely that Indians will storm into a 2-1 series victory over England.

Hog the limelight  ..

  1. In the last few days, the young climate activist Disha Ravi has hogged the limelight by successfully defeating Delbi Police’s efforts to incarcerate her longer.
  2. In the Summer Olympics, the Chinese athletes will surely hog the lime light by winning the most numbers of medals.

Dethrone ..

  1. Parties dreaming to dethrone BJP will find it very hard as Modi’s personal popularity remains intact.
  2. The Indian Chess Champion dethroned the Russian international champion by defeating the latter in two straight games.

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