English Vocabulary Exercise – 9

Vocabulary Exercise – 9

English Skill Building – 9

Learn new words and phrases with practical examples


This is election time in India. Politicians of all hues are flocking to soothsayers to know if they would win.

A soothsayer in Sri Lanka now claims that he had seen the attack on the churches and hotels coming, and told the district police chief about it.


Modi’s universal healthcare plan is a great step towards social welfare, but it is too grandiose to succeed in a short time.


[as noun] Meaning 1 – Bangalore is infamous for its morning hour traffic snarls.

Chinese economy has been snarled by rising labour costs, and stiff import controls by the United States.

[as verb] Meaning 2 – The beleaguered dog snarled at the people who had surrounded it with lathis.

The manager is reviled in the office, because he snarls at his subordinates for minor mistakes.


The deprecation by the Apex Court of the transfer order of the CBI chief forced the government to go slow in the matter.


The crony capitalists of India are all adroit in befriending politicians and get undeserved concessions from the banks that has led to such a pile-up of NPAs.


Metaphoric meaning – If you are not strong in English, you may find Pof. Amartya Sen’s books’ contents somewhat convoluted.

The inside of a walnut looks convoluted.

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