English Vocabulary Exercise – 31

Vocabulary Exercise – 31

English Skill Building – 43

Learn new words and phrases with practical examples


A weak presence of police force around the Capitol Hill enabled the Trump-inspired rioters to force their way and vandalize the building with impunity.


The proceedings in the Capitol Hill were disrupted by a handful of armed rioters. It took the security forces some to evict them. The Senate reconvened after normalcy returned.


The farmer protests in Delhi echoes the pervasive discontent among the country’s farming communities.


The tenacity of the protesting farmers in braving the inhospitable conditions of living by the roadside has astounded even those who don’t support their cause.


Use 1 – I tied the vegetable bag with a string.

Use 2 – India refused the IMF assistance because there were strings attached to it. (meaning ‘conditions’)

Use 3 – There is no use approaching the minister on this matter. There is a bureaucrat in the Prime Minister’s Office who calls the strings. (has ‘controlling influence’)


Even the most astounding pieces of sculptures may appear worthless junk for a crude mind, but the same can hold a discerning viewer spellbound for hours.


Meaning 1 – In my dream, I saw an effulgent Sun hurtling towards me. I screamed in horror.

Metaphoric meaning – I met a Sadhu when I was just 16. His effulgent smile struck a chord in my heart. I became his disciple.


In the Mahabharat, the gallant Abhimanyu fought till his last breath. He didn’t cower before the Kauravas.


China needlessly provoked India by staging the deadly Galwan encounter.

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