English Vocabulary Exercise – 28

Vocabulary Exercise – 28

English Skill Building – 31

Words with similar meaning, but different uses

Pull up

a. The Tahasildar was pulled up by the Collector for going on leave when the flood waters had not receded.

b. The bandmaster pulled up the saxophonist for playing a tune wrongly.

c. The captain pulled up his center forwards for failing to convert the chances to goals.


a. The Head Examiner was pilloried by the public for the large scale bungling in evaluation of answer scripts.

b. The Home Minister was pilloried by the leaders of various opposition parties for not being able to protect the armed forces personnel from attack by terrorists.

c. President Trump has been pilloried in the media for his racist and loathsome comments on the three non-white members of the House of Representatives.


a. Dr. Ambedkar, despite his astounding legal acumen, was derided by fellow advocates of Brahmin caste in the Bombay High Court.

b. The married a well-qualified girl of a lower class, because he loved her. Unable to reconcile to this, his mother used to deride her for her supposedly lower birth.

c. Anyone who derides the Jews in the United States invites strong backlash from the American Jewish organizations.


a. The Pakistani cricket team was shredded by the country’s cricket fan after their team lost to India.

b. Boris Johnson has been shredded by the British voters for his decision to prorogue the Parliament.

c. After the defeat in the Second World War, the Germans shredded the surviving Nazi leadership for having brought so much humiliation to the country.


a. The cricket coach berated the slip fielders for dropping too many catches and letting the rival team amass a huge total.

b. The mistress of the house berated the maid for stains left on the cookware that she had washed the night before.

c. The senior advocate berated his interns for not being well-prepared for the crucial arguments the next day.

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