English Vocabulary Exercise – 26

Vocabulary Exercise – 26

English Skill Building – 29

Learn how to use these words to add punch to your sentences


a. During Ramzan, the devout Muslim old man refused to sip even a drop of water despite the doctors warning him that his illness could worsen if didn’t take fluids.
b. The arrogant bus passenger refused to leave his seat for an elderly woman who was barely able to stand erect.
c. The Taliban fighter refused to lay down his arms even after he was cornered from all sides by the police.


a. The young doctor got a lucrative job offer from a premier private hospital, but, much to the amazement of his friends, declined it, because he was keen to go back to his village to serve his community.
b. As a matter of policy, India declines international help in the aftermath of devastating natural calamities.
c. The government spokesperson in Srinagar declined to give a dateline for restoration of internet services.
d. The young man’s mood became sullen, when the girl declined his offer of coffee during their first meeting.


a. The cashier denied his involvement in the bank fraud.
b. Pakistan has denied the allegation that it is actively aiding terrorists against India, but few believe it.
c. In a democracy, the right to freedom of speech can’t be denied to any citizen.


a. The BJP spokesperson countered the impression that the party is acting against the interests of the backward castes, and the minorities, but he met with limited success.
b. To counter the effect of the U.S. trade tariffs, China is actively trying to explore markets for its products in India and other Asian countries.
c. The G7 group of countries has successfully countered the devastating effect of the malaria epidemic in Africa.
d. When the prosecution exhibited the murder weapon in the court, the defense lawyer had little to counter the charges against his client.


a. The government spokesperson of Bangladesh rubbished the allegations that the government had treated the Rohingya refugees inhumanely, despite their sheer numbers, and Bangladesh’s slender resources.
b. The angry mathematics teacher rubbished the claim of the failed students that the questions were too tough. He reminded the underperformers that he had worked out the same sums multiple times in the black board.
c. When I got up at dead of night and summoned my entire family to my room to tell them that a ghost had come and grabbed my arm, my mother rubbished my version, and my father chided me for my timidity.


a. During TV debates in India, ill-mannered participants with no sense of decency scream and use abusive language to refute the views of the opponents.
b. The U.S. spokeswoman in White House refuted the views expressed in the media that the President was selectively targeting citizens on the basis of their religion and skin colour.
c. Myanmar government has refuted the allegations that it is dragging its feet over the resettlement of the Rohingya refugees.


a. The police moved quickly to botch the rumors that some miscreants had slaughtered a cow in front of a Jain temple, but it was too late. Angry Jains had begun to turn on some minority religious groups.
b. The RAW’s regional head in a neighbouring country had botched an intelligence operation that led to his demotion.
c. Mossad is known for its professionalism. It seldom botches its operations, although it mostly conducts them in very hostile countries.


a. When I got up during our Literature class to say that we should study Kalidasa instead of Shakespeare, my English teacher dismissed the suggestion as absolute nonsense.
b. The judge dismissed the arguments of the prosecution lawyer as untenable, because they were not backed by evidence.
c. The world media has dismissed the Bolsnaro government’s claim that the Amazon fires were due to natural causes.

Rip apart

a. After the minister finished his speech about the government’s success in reining in the NPAs of banks, the opposition leader ripped apart the minister’s claims by citing the statistics released by the Reserve Bank of India.
b. In the family court where the divorce proceedings were going on, the frustrated wife ripped apart the husband’s position that he had been extremely considerate towards her.
c. In the debate on Abortion rights for women, feminist lawyers ripped apart the arguments of pro-life Catholic groups.


a. In the International Court of Justice, India rebutted the Pakistani contention that it had never denied consular access to Kuldip Yadav held on espionage charges.
b. The leader of the political faction rebutted media reports that he was going to float a new party.
c. Some senior BJP leaders have rebutted the Darwin’s theory of evolution.

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