English Vocabulary Exercise – 25

Vocabulary Exercise – 25

English Skill Building – 28

Words and phrases that you need to write well

Canary in the coal mine

It means that something awful is going to happen.

India’s falling car sales numbers and air traffic data are canary in the coal mine for the health of the country’s economy.

Cry wolf

It means falsely complaining about something. When a few EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) malfunctioned, the opposition cried wolf alleging that the ruling BJP had tampered with the machines.


It means ‘to complain bitterly’.  President Trump has railed against Iran saying that the later was complicit in the terror attack on oil tankers.


It means a small group of people of similar mindset. It has often been said that Prime minister Modi governs the country with the help of a coterie. But, such an allegation is exaggerated.


Unfortunately, doctors in India’s poorly-manned hospitals have been the target of public ire.


Without a penchant for satire and humor, it is not possible to become a political cartoonist.


It means the state of being deceitful and untrustworthy.  The people of India loathe the perfidy of the political class. Hopefully, Modi will try to change it.


It means a big wild fire.  California in the U.S. loses a lot of its forests every year due to conflagration.

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mala acharya

its rich in english language.
thank u so much.

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