English Vocabulary Exercise – 22

Vocabulary Exercise – 22

English Skill Building – 22

Knowing the use of these words will help you to top the class in English


It means something very destructive.

1. The calamitous earthquake that struck the Swat region in of Pakistan in 2015 caused untold suffering to the people of the area.

2. The global financial crisis that hit the industrialized economies in the period 2007-2008 had a calamitous impact not only on those countries, but also on the whole world.

Bedevil [as verb]

It means being affected something very bad.

1. Afghanistan was tragically been bedeviled by decades of foreign occupation, which has nearly destroyed the heart and soul of the nation.

2. Drug menace has bedeviled Russia for years robbing the country of the services of a sizeable portion of its young men and women.


Meaning 1 – It means tired and energyless.

The convict heard the verdict that condemned him to life-long confinement in jail. He gave a long weary sigh, and looked stoically at the judge.

Meaning 2 – Being reluctant to see more of something unpleasant

The manager was weary of the daily arguments between his two supervisors, and beseeched them to settle their differences amicably.


It means a deadlock situation.

The two warring groups met under the auspices of the United Nations. After long parleys, the UN mediator was able to break the impasse and make them sign a peace deal.


It means leadership or dominance.

Islamic countries in the Middle East have long railed against the perceived U.S. hegemony in the region. Sadly, President Trump has done little to dispel their misgivings.

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