English Vocabulary Exercise – 20

Vocabulary Exercise – 20

English Skill Building – 20

Knowing the use of these words will help you to top the class in English


The head priest of the temple in Varanasi was debarred from performing his duties, because he was rumored to have eaten fish curry with his Childhood Bengali friend. Aggrieved, he went to the Allahabad High Court for redress. The court was convinced that the eating of fish was not an offence at all, and ordered the restitution of all his powers and duties as the priest.

Use in Physics – Restitution of a deformed object to its original shape become easier if it is heated.


After the Dalit’s ramshackle house was set on fire by some upper class arsonists, it was reduced to ashes in minutes. The hapless lonely widow sat at a distance and shed her tears looking at the embers.


In the Straits of Bosphorus, fishing companies use huge dragnets to trap small-sized Tuna fish, which are fed and nurtured by the ships’ crew, so that they grow quickly. Such fish fetch fortunes to the fishing companies.


Participating in the Chinese CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) is anathema to India, because part of the highway passes through the POK(Pak Occupied Kashmir) that India claims as its own.


The Communist Party in West Bengal finds itself in a moribund state today, partly because young men and women no longer find leftist ideas relevant for them.


The new-born, swaddled in a white soft towel became the star attraction in the party, where as its parents got lost in the crowd.

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