English Vocabulary Exercise – 17

Vocabulary Exercise – 17

English Skill Building – 17

 Words that enable you to top your class in English


The workers of the jute mill went on a strike when the management reneged on its promise to subsidize the factory canteen by half, citing increasing prices of raw jute.

King Dasarath of Ayodhya couldn’t renege on his promise given to his wife Kaikeyi, and was forced to banish his dearest son Rama to long years in forest.


In a functioning democracy, periodic elections allow the public to vent their frustrations against the ruling party through their votes. This process preempts the chances of violent protests, insurrections, and upheavals.


The showdown between the elected government of Delhi and the Lieutenant Governor continued for too long affecting all development works.


Not many years ago, Narendra Modi used to be a protégé of L. K. Advani, but now they are poles apart.


In legal parlance, habeas corpus means a writ requiring a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court.

Words used by doctors belong to medical parlance that a common man can’t understand.


The Dharavi slums of Mumbai are undergoing a mind-boggling transformation. New townships with modern amenities, parks, and clean and wide roads will be built. The place will be further gentrified by patches of lush greenery.

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