English Vocabulary Exercise -15

Vocabulary Exercise – 15

English Skill Building – 15

Learn six new words and phrases with practical examples


Meaning 1 – Sadhus are temperate in their food habits. They eat moderate and frugal meals. They are temperate in their speech and act.

The young lady fell in love with her colleague, because of his temperate nature.

Meaning 2 – Roses blossom in temperate climates, and not in hot and extreme places. So, Bangalore grows and exports roses in such large quantity. Bangalore’s temperate climate contributes to floriculture.


It means the same boundary. Odisha is conterminous with Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.


The young man was untrustworthy and a crook. When he didn’t mend his ways despite repeated pleadings by his wife, the latter filed for divorce.

Politicians of India change parties when not given tickets, and start attacking their old party with great venom. Voters find such perfidy very disgusting.


MNS chief Raj Thackeray is a fire brand leader known for his blistering speeches. Recently, he has been tearing BJP into pieces by his fiery attacks.


Jews revile Hitler for the torture and humiliation heaped on them under his orders.


Quite intriguingly, fans of Salman Khan adore him for his brash mannerisms.

If a boss is brash in office, his subordinates wouldn’t like him.

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