English Vocabulary Exercise – 13

Vocabulary Exercise – 13

English Skill Building – 13

Learn six new words and phrases with practical examples


Meaning 1 – The growing popularity of Delhi’s government-run schools is a testament to the visible improvement in their quality of teaching brought about by the AAP government.

Meaning 2 – In his testament recorded just prior to his death, Benjamin Franklin made it clear that his estranged son will have no right on his property.


President Trump finds a boogeyman in the migration from poor South American countries to the U.S. as a reason for his grandiose plan to build a border wall in the Mexico border.


Wg. Commander Abhinandan was given a tumultuous welcome in the Wagha border when he entered India after his brief captivity in Pakistan.


Venezuela has been in the crosshairs of the western nations led by the United States for its left-leaning President whose rule has been marked by dire economic condition in the country.


After the death of her husband, the widow found herself enmeshed in many civil cases filed by her family members trying to dispossess of her husband’s immoveable property.


A monolith stands in the Jaliwanawala Bagh to remind the visitors about the monumental tragedy that unfolded here when Gen. Dyer’s police opened fire on unarmed men, women and children a century ago.

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