English Vocabulary Exercise – 11

Vocabulary Exercise – 11

English Skill Building – 11

Learn new words and phrases with practical examples


No Islamic country likes to remain under American hegemony.

In Indian political parties, there is no internal democracy. As a result, the party members have to operate under the hegemony of the founder or the president.


China counts Taiwan as one of its renegade provinces which, one day, will be united with the mainland.

One of the renegade factions of the CPI (M-L) party was behind the IED blast that killed the BJP politician.

To fly in the face of

The nomination of Sadhwi Pragya Thakur flies in the face of BJP’s proclamation that the party is against terrorism under any religious umbrella.

Riven by

The Janata Dal formed after the Jayprakash Narayan movement was riven by internal dissension and conflicts and it splintered into many factions.

To be in the crosshairs of

Iran has long been in the crosshairs of the United States. Under President Trump, the animosity has increased.


Parisians looked on helplessly as the iconic Notre Dame cathedral was consumed by the conflagration.

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