English Skill Building – 99 – Vocabulary

English Skill Building – 99


Words & Phrases from The Hindu


Meaning 1 –
The withdrawal of money from bank is much easier through ATM, than a personal visit to the bank’s branch.
The withdrawal ofdiplomatic recognition by countries from the present Afghan government has caused major problems for the Taliban-led government.

Meaning 2 –
After her parents died in a road accident, she became silent and withdrawn. She stopped communicating with people.

Domino effect

After the young daughter-in-law committed suicide, it led to a domino effect. The mother-in-law committed suicide followed by the father-in-law.


The minister tried his best to botch the inquiry into the incident where his son mowed down four peasants. However, the Supreme Court intervened and nipped the minister’s attempts in the bud.
Just hours before the examination, the question papers were leaked leading to loud uproar from the students and their parents. The government instituted an inquiry to find out the brains behind this, but the culprits could botch the inquiry using their high political connections.


The U.S. and China have very close trade relations. So, President has chosen to be pragmatic vis-à-vis his counterpart President Xi, and has stepped back from a military show-down over the South China Sea.

Era of tribal militancy

Tribals take to arms when they fail to get proper attention from the government about their rights. Such a tactic results in their militancy that does them more bad than good.

Rub salt on the wounds

It means doing some more harm to a person who is already badly harmed.
Lord Rama asked Sita to walk through fire to prove her chastity after her return from Sri Lanka. Many devotees of Lord Rama feel that He rubbed salt on Sita’s swounds by asking her to go through this ordeal.

Hard up

It means ‘short of money’. The ordinary Afghans are extremely hard up. The U.S. should increase its humanitarian assistance to them at the earliest.


In the north east, the armed forces operate under many constraints, because they deal with Indian citizens who are aggrieved with India. Lifting the AFPSA would add to their existing constraints as they will hesitate to confront the insurgents for fear of legal action.


Immunologists have been intrigued at the way the corona virus mutates so quickly.


When buying a real estate like house or land, one should exercise maximum prudence, so that the acquired asset does not invite competing ownership claims.

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