English Skill Building – 110 – Vocabulary

English Skill Building – 110


Learning good English from Hindu dt. March 14, 2022

Sports Page

Shreyas, Pant’s [knocks] leave Lanka with [near-impossible chase]. Former’s 67 and the latter’s [blistering] 50 help India set a [mammoth] target of 447; Bumrah’s first five-for at home [bundles out] the visitors for 109 in their first innings.


Meaning 1 – Intense – This summer’s blistering heat has dried up the village pond.
Meaning 2 – Too strong – The accidental firing of a missile from India that landed in Pakistan has come in for blistering criticism in the Pakistani media.
Meaning 3 – Suman bowled with a blistering pace taking four wickets of the rival team.


Very large – Ranu finds completing the Reasoning book within a year to be a mammoth task.

Mithali and Jhulan – captain and bowler [peerless]. [Duo] has been what Gavaskar and Kapil Dev to men


Unequal, un-rivaled – Through his singing light and entertaing songs, the Late Akshya Mohanty made peerless contribution to Odiya music.


Ramesh and Hari are both ace hunters. The duo has gone for hunting to the Chandaka jungle.

Jeswin and Ancy are at their [scorching] best
Notch up their career best in long jump.


Similar in meaning to the word ‘blistering’ –
The scorching heat of the Sun has left the fields parched.

[Rattled] by spectators’ [outburst], Oshaka loses.


The dogged resistance of the Ukrainian fighters has rattle the Russian military establishment.
The Congress Party has been badly rattled by its sad debacle in recent state elections.


The captain exploded in anger when the fielder dropped an easy catch. The fielder became very nervous at his captain’s outburst.

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