English Skill Building – 101 – Vocabulary and Grammar

English Skill Building – 101

Vocabulary and Grammar

Combined exercise containing vocabulary as well as grammar

1. Comprehend – In the initial stages, Ranu couldn’t comprehend why so much importance is given to Karl Marx by people around the world. (Convert to Passive) Later, on seeing some videos on Marx, she could comprehend his complex ideas.

2. Contemplate – India is contemplating to abandon all old thermal power plants, and expend solar and wind power capacities, so that CO2 emission is reduced drastically.
Some Hindu fanatics made some incendiary speeches against the minorities. There was a public uproar against it. (Join the sentences)
The HoD declared, “Rajdhani College management is contemplating to start PG courses in Journalism.” (Convert to Indirect)

3. Predicament – Without food, medicine and money, Afghans are facing very bad times. We feel pity on seeing their predicament.

So many tourists on their way to Muree in Pakistan froze to death. The snowfall was very heavy. Their predicament can’t be described in words. (Join the three sentences to a single sentence)

4. Cusp – This boy is in the cusp of adulthood. So, his voice, behavior, and body are all changing.

5. Brimming – Brim [as noun] – Don’t fill the milk bucket to its brim. Some milk may be wasted while carrying the bucket by cycle.

Neeraj, the javelin thrower who won the Olympic Gold is now brimming with confidence after his grueling practice sessions.

Don’t fill the drum up to its brim. A lot of water will be spilled during transportation of the drum. (Join the sentences)
The athletes had trained hard before the Olympics. Their success can be attributed to this. (Join the sentences)

After mastering English skill, Ranu brims with satisfaction and pride.

6. Culminate – The three-day conference culminated with a nice cultural programme.

The husband and wife used to spar over petty matters. It impacted their relationship which went from bad to worse as days went by. Finally, it culminated in divorce.

7. Abnegated – The government can not abnegate its responsibility to provide free education to girls up to Class X.

8. Replica – We had gold necklace in our family that was bequeathed to my grandmother by her grandmother. Unfortunately, it was stolen. My mother cried inconsolably ate loss of the very precious family treasure. To pacify her, my father got an exact replica of the lost necklace, and gave it her. The making of the replica cost my father a fortune.

9. Yearned – Sita yearned for Lord Rama during her exile in Sri Lanka. She spurned the marriage offer of Ravana, and bluntly refused to even hear it.

10. Relentless – China is trying relentlessly to catch up with the U.S. in all fields.

The relentless downpour caused the flooding of the streets. (Convert to Passive)

11. Scrawny – The girl herself was thin and not very beautiful. Strangely, she refused to marry the young doctor saying that he was scrawny. Others were surprised because the young man was slim and handsome.

12. Embellished – Her silk shawl was embellished with golden filigree by master craftsmen. (Convert to Active)

13. Glimpse [as noun] – Due to heavy rush in the Jagannath Temple, I could get only a glimpse of the three deities.

The pilgrims told their guide, “If we get even a glimpse of Lord Jagannath, that would be enough.” (Convert to Indirect)

Glimpse [as verb] The bridegroom could glimpse the bride as she was hurried away by her friends.

14. Scrounge – The hungry urchins in Kabul scrounged the garbage dump IN the U.S. embassy compound to get something to eat.

15. Deep-rooted – Dowry system is deep-rooted in Indian society.

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