Sentence Combining Exercise – 8

English Skill Building – 100

Rewriting Sentences

Break the following sentences to smaller ones [Sourced from NYT]

1. Plans to expand lithium mining in Chile, the world’s second largest producer, hit political roadblocks this week, raising new questions about supplies of a metal that is in high demand as the world transitions away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy sources.

Answer –

a. Chile is the second largest producer of Lithium in the world.
b. It has drawn up plans to expand Lithium mining.
c. The plan has hit roadblocks.
d. Such opposition has raised new questions about supplies of the metal.
e. Lithium is in high demand as the world transitions away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. (5 sentences from a single sentence)

2. Lithium is used in batteries, including those that power electric vehicles, and demand is soaring globally.

3. It is also at the heart of a profound debate among Chileans, who are at odds over the social and environmental risks of lithium extraction.

4. The New York Times reported last week on the consequences of mining for lithium in the ecologically sensitive salt flats of northern Chile and on how a new constitution, being drafted by an elected body, could change the mining sector, water rights and the country’s response to climate change.

5. How to handle lithium production is likely to be one of the toughest issues facing Mr. Boric, a leftist former student leader who had campaigned on a promise to expand the social safety net and take ambitious climate action.

6. With prices soaring on the global market, lithium mining could raise huge sums of money for his government, even as it carries yet unknown risks to the ecology of the area.

–Answers will be posted soon–

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