Writing E-mail for Insurance Policy and Birthday Invitation – Creative Writing – 169

Email Writing – 4

Creative Writing – 169

Study and learn writing quality Emails from the two sample mails given below

1. You had taken an Insurance policy for one of your parents. The person passed away due to old age and other sicknesses. When you lodged your claim, LIC, instead of paying you the amount, has raised pointless objections. Write a letter to the Branch Manager to make the payment to your bank account as early as possible failing which you tell him that you will escalate the matter to the higher authorities.

Answer –

The Branch Manager
Sub : Delay in settlement of claim with regard to the Policy No. …………………………..

I had purchased // taken the above policy in the name of my father, Late ………………… Sadly, he expired on the 1st of December, 2021. I informed your office and requested for amount to be credited to my bank account as I am the nominee of the policy. Instead of paying the amount, your concerned officer has raised frivolous queries that are nearly impossible to meet.

I urge you to look into the matter and arrange for remittance of the policy amount to my bank account within a week failing which I will escalate the matter to your higher authorities.

Expecting quick action,
Yours truly

2. Write a mail to your colleague inviting her and her family to your birthday.

Dear Priyanka,
My birthday is falling on 7th April, just about ten days from today. After a long spell of Covid isolation, this gives me an opportunity to meet all my old friends and have good time just as we used to have before the Covid. I will host a party in my house on that day, and very eagerly look forward to seeing you on that occasion. Our friends Anita, Subhadra and Jasmine will all come. Please be present in our house at around 5 pm. Besides some snacks, we will have plenty of music, dance and fun.
Awaiting your confirmation.

Yours truly


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