Writing E-mail to the editor of local daily and boss for leave

Email Writing – 5

Creative Writing – 170

Study and learn writing quality Emails from the two sample mails given below

1. Write a mail to the editor of the local daily protesting against the permission granted by the municipality to a dealer to open a meat shop adjacent to the Shiva temple.

Sub: Opening of a meat shop adjacent to the Shiva Temple in Konark market area

I, Nirupma Sahu, on behalf of the residents of Konark, bring to your attention the fact that a meat shop has opened very close to the Shiva Temple. Hundreds of devotees visit the temple every day. For them, the shop has proved to be an eyesore and an affront to their spiritual beliefs that frowns upon meat-eating habits. While we have no objection to people eating meat, locating the shop so close to the famed temple is offensive and very worrying for the temple-goers. The municipal authorities obviously didn’t take into consideration the sensitivity of the people while granting the license. This issue has the potential to trigger communal strife in the future.
We, therefore, request you to intervene in the matter and cancel the license of the meat shop as early as possible.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely

2. Write a mail to your boss asking for three days leave from the office.

The Manager
Madam / Sir,
Due to some pressing problems in my family, I will not be able to attend office for three days (February 20 to February 22). I request you to grant this leave and oblige.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely
Sasmita Nayak

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