Writing E-mail to Friend – Creative Writing – 166

Email Writing – 1

Creative Writing – 166

Study and learn writing quality Emails from the two sample mails given below

1. Write a mail to your friend suggesting to join you in a campaign against the system of dowry that you have started with some of your classmates and teachers from your college.

Answer –

Dear Priyanka,

We have on many occasions in the past discussed many horror stories centered around the system of dowry. Young women have been divorced, tortured, and killed as their parents failed to meet the dowry demands of the son-in-law’s family. Anti-dowry laws have failed to curb this evil practice.

A group of students of our college led by an activist professor have decided to spread awareness among the public about the shameful practice of dowry, and in required cases, counsel the husband’s side to stop harassing the daughter-in-law.

This is a noble cause in which your participation will be very encouraging for us. I, as a member of the campaign, have been asked to enlist support of like-minded people. Hence, I request you to come forward to join this campaign.Can I count on your assent?

Yours truly

2. Write a mail to your friend congratulating her on getting a job in a company in Bangalre.

Answer –

Dear Sai,
I just came to know that you have got a job under Kalinga Ferilizers as Assistant Materials Officer. My heartfelt congratulations to you on this success. Your sustained efforts to build your skills have paid off. Iam sure you will steadily rise in your career.

Congratulations again,

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