Writing E-mail for Repair, Admission and Grievances – Creative Writing – 168

Email Writing – 3

Creative Writing – 168

Study and learn writing quality Emails from the two sample mails given below

1. A customer had bought a refrigerator from your shop. The equipment developed trouble within one month. Instead of informing you, he has posted a complaint in Facebook. The company in Bombay feels embarrassed. Write mail to the customer offering prompt repair support.

Answer –

Dear Madam / Sir,
We regret that the refrigerator you bought from us a month ago has developed trouble, and has inconvenienced you. We apologize for this failing. The company’s mangers in Mumbai saw your post in Facebook, and are very embarrassed.

We plan to depute a technician to your place any time after 9 am tomorrow to rectify the problem in the fridge. Please let us know the time convenient for you for this visit.
We hope, the fridge will serve you well for years to come, and this complaint of yours will be the last. Just give us a ring if you need more assistance.

Yours sincerely,
(Name and Shop name)

2. You have a 4-year-old son whom you want to be admitted to the neighbourhood school. Write a mail to the Principal asking if any seat is available and the fees to be paid.

The Principal
——————– School

Madam/ Sir,
I am Sasmita living just a few blocks away from your school, in Jayasree Apartments.
I intend to send my 4-year-old son, Sandeep to school in the coming academic session. Your school is, no doubt, the most reputed in this area, and I would be privileged to have Sandeep admitted there.

Would you please inform me if a seat is available? If so, what would be the annual fees?


3. You have a boss who, at times, asks you and your colleagues some personal questions. You don’t like such things. Write a mail voicing your unease about his behavior and asking him to desist from it. Be polite.

Answer –

Dear Madam / Sir,
All of my colleagues and I enjoy working in this office. You seem to be an extraordinarily empathetic person concerned about our wellbeing. Some of us come from economically disadvantaged families and have faced horrific scorn and discrimination in the past due to our gender and vulnerabilities. Out of good good intentions, when you ask us about our family backgrounds, these scars come alive in our minds drowning us in gloom. We can neither evade your questions, nor can we lie to you as we hold you in high regard.

It would be a good idea if you help us to bury our unhappy memories and help us focus intensely on our work. A journey down our memory lanes is a painful experience for us. Hope you appreciate our emotions.

With regards,

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