Writing E-mail to HR Manager and Police – Creative Writing – 167

Email Writing – 2

Creative Writing – 167

Study and learn writing quality Emails from the two sample mails given below

1. Write a mail to Infosys requesting them to allow you to work as an Intern for two months.

Answer –

The H. R Manager
Sub: Request for internship

Madam / Sir,
I’m Sasmita Nayak, studying in B.Sc Computer Science (1st year) in Govt. Women’s College, Puri. I have good knowledge in C language and I’m trying to further develop my skill in this language. Besides this, I have reasonably good English communication skills. I am keen to do internship in Infosys for three months from March to June this year.

So, I will be very thankful to get an opportunity to do internship in any project using C language. I need to clarify that I don’t expect any compensation for my work in terms of monetary benefits or job assurance.

Your sincerely
Sasmita Nayak

2. Some young people in your village are playing very loud music over the loud speaker late into the night. It inconveniencs the students and the ill and sick people. Write a mail to the local police to intervene and stop the menace.

Answer –

The Inspector of Police
………………………………. Date ………………..

I am Sasmita Nayak, a resident of Jagannathpur village. I would like to inform you that people of our village have arranged an elaborate evening music programme for the Durga Pujah. The organizers play music on loud speakers at very high volume late into the night. This causes inconvenience to elderly and sick people and students like me preparing for their examinations. All our requests to the organizers to tone down the volume and stop playing it beyond 10pm have not been heeded. Under law, such use of loud speakers is considered apunishable offence.

I, on behalf of the aggrieved people of my community request you to intervene to stop this mischief.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely

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