Sentence Combining Exercise – 6

English Skill Building – 97

Rewriting Sentences

Convert the following sentences as asked without changing their meaning


From 3rd degree to 1st degree and 2nd degree

Example – The cow gives the largest quantity of milk in the herd. [3rd degree]
1st degree – No cow in the herd gives as much milk as this cow.
2nd degree – This cow gives more milk than any other cow in the herd.

1. She is the most intelligent girl in the class.
2. This tree yields the highest quantity of mangos.

From 2nd degree to 3rd degree and 1st degree

Example – I have secured more marks than all my friends in the class. [2nd degree]
3rd degree – I have secured the most marks among all my friends in the class.
1st degree – No one has secured as much mark as I have done.

3. I have more money than anyone in the family.
4. No farmer has got as much harvest as Gopal.

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