English Vocabulary Exercise – 12

Vocabulary Exercise – 12

English Skill Building – 12

Learn six new words and phrases with practical examples


As soon as the session started, the opposition leader launched a broadside on the government for its failure to protect the minorities.


In the election meeting a follower of the prime minister sang a paean in his praise that embarrassed both the leader and many in the audience.


The Pakistanis get justifiably angry when Indian leaders talk to them in a condescending manner. They feel it to be an affront to their pride.


The contrast between Aurangzeb and Akbar is stark. While the former was a bigot, the latter was a liberal in his attitude towards religion.


No doubt, despite so many flaws, President Trump manages to galvanize his core supporters each time he is faulted by his critics.


Meaning 1 – The maid was rescued from her 15-day confinement by the police. She was found to be moribund and dehydrated at the hospital.

Meaning 2 – The credit for breathing some life into the moribund Congress Party goes to Rahul Gandhi, but his critics in his own party don’t subscribe to this view.

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