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December 9, 2019

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Fire breaks out in congested Delhi factory

A major fire in a cramped residential area erupted trapping the workers who were inside. Despite fire brigade reaching the spot in full force 43 people died, and 16 were injured.

Citizenship Amendment Bill will be tabled in parliament today

The nation awaits with trepidation, the tabling of the Citizens Amendment Bill (CAB) in the parliament. The bill has given rise to a frenzy of protests from civil rights groups because it discriminates against Muslim refugees. However, the bill will get passed because the ruling party has a unassailable dominance in the House.

Good words used .. Frenzy, Trepidation, Unassailable

ISEC languishes due to government apathy

The premier institution in Bengaluru once renowned for its high quality research in fields of Social Economics is dying a slow death. Archaic government rules now prevent this highly acclaimed institution from enrolling Ph.D students. Research was ISEC’s forte. Without it, the campus looks lifeless and insipid.

Good words used .. Languish, Apathy, Archaic, Forte, Insipid


Delhi fire leads to much soul-searching

The factory now in ashes was producing luggage made mostly out of plastic materials. After it caught fire, the intense heat and toxic gas emanating from the fire spot made it impossible for the trapped workers to make their way out. Some of these died due to asphyxiation. The factory was located in a densely populated residential area. Narrow alleys made it hard for the fire engines to reach the spot quickly.

Good words used .. Soul-searching, Asphyxiation, Alley

CPB takes 19 states to task for improper disposal of used tyres

The Central Pollution Board(CPB) has expressed serious concern at the way nearly 19 states utilize the Pyrolysis method to dispose of discarded tyres. In Pyrolysis method, the tyres are shredded to tiny pieces first. These materials are then heated to a temperature between 250 to 500 degrees in closed chambers. After the process, fine carbon matter, pyro-gases, and oil come out. The CPB inspectors found that there is no satisfactory disposal of the fine carbon matter, and the gas gets released to atmosphere. This aggravates pollution.

Good words used .. Aggravate, Discarded, Shred

Suicides in IITs cause grave concern

In the last ten years, as many as 27 students of the prestigious IITs have taken their lives. This points to the extreme mental stress the students endure during their studies.

Lokpal has no prosecution wing even after six years

The constitution of the Lokpal which many saw as a much-needed step for fighting corruption in the country has no prosecution wing even after the body being in existence for six years. The Lokpal seems to be working in snail’s pace with little backing from the government. For all practical purposes, the Lokpak has been a non-strter.

Congress Party braces up to oppose CAB in parliament

Despite its diminutive size, Congress has decided to put up a stiff resistance to the CAB when it comes up for voting.


Pramila Jaypal moves bill condemning India’s actions in Kashmir

Pramila Jaypal, the member of the House of Representatives representing Washington has moved a bill urging India to retrace its steps in Kashmir. The bill has broad bipartisan support, and will most likely be passed. It’s no secret that India’s actions in Kashmir have disturbed the conscience of many civil rights groups around the world. The resolution will prove very embarrassing to the government of India.

New Zealand volcano eruption kills five

A sudden eruption of a volcano in White Island in New Zealand has left five dead and eight more missing. Among the missing are tourists from China, Malaysia, the U.S. and some New Zealanders.

Russia faces the wrath of Anti-doping investigators

Russia has been handed down a 4-year ban from all forms of international sports including the Olympics. The Anti-doping body took this severe action when it became known that the Russian government was an accomplice in this nefarious practice.

Good words used .. Wrath, Nefarious, Accomplice

Su Kyi to defend her country Myanmar in the ICJ trial for Rohingya atrocities

The Nobel Peace Prize winner and the de facto ruler of Myanmar will present her government’s case before the International Court of Justice at The Hague. She will seek to refute charges that her government had been instrumental in forcing the Rohingyas out of the country as refugees to neighboring Bangladesh. The egregious violation of human rights of the Rohingya Muslims has attracted a lot of very negative publicity against Myanmar. Observers wonder Ms. Su Kyi wanted to stake her reputation for such disreputable actions of her military-dominated government.

Good words used .. De facto, Egregious, Refute

Russia throws a 5 billion USD lifeline to Iran

For cash-strapped Iran desperately seeking to arrange Forex to tide over the U.S. imposed sanctions, the Russian offer of $ 5 billion couldn’t have come at a better time. Iran will use the funds to import badly needed items like medicines, food items and other essentials.



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