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December 10, 2019

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Yediurappa firmly in the saddle, as BJP sweeps bypolls

After a few nervous months, Yediurappa has succeed in sweeping away the uncertainties surrounding his tenuous grip over power. Congress and JD(S) were badly mauled in the election, as the two parties were riven by internal squabbles. BJP scored the impressive victory, but the means it employed are dubious. The state government will now have some semblance of stability, but the scramble for cabinet berths by the MLAs could give the CM many sleepless nights.

Good words and phases used … Firmly in the saddle, Tenuous, Mauled, Riven, Dubious, Semblance

LS passes Citizenship Amendment Bill triggering country-wide furore

The Citizenship Amendment Bill(CAB) had a smooth sailing in the Lower House today despite the dogged resistance offered by the Opposition. Their voice proved to be too feeble before BJP’s brute majority in the House.

Good words used .. Furore, Dogged, Brute

SC to hear plea on Hyderabad killings

The encounter killing of four accused by the police has caused wide-spread concern among the legal fraternity and civil rights groups. Many feel the police resorted to the killing to douse the public outrage away from it. The Supreme Court has taken cognizance of the matter, and agreed to hear the PIL filed by some parties.

Good words used .. Fraternity, Douse, Cognizance, Outrage

India climbs one step in UN Development Index

India has managed to climb one notch to reach the 129th spot in the Human Development Index(HDI). However, it is cold comfort for India, because its position at 129 in the list of 189 countries still abysmally low. Norway has topped the list, followed by Norway and Sweden. HDI measures average achievement in three basic dimensions of human development. These are life expectancy, education, and per capita income. The UN-sponsored survey flags growing gender inequality in India.

Good words used .. Abysmally, Flag as verb


Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan sees massive show of strength by Telengana Adivasis

Adivasis from Telengana, and other areas of undivided Andhra Pradesh converged in the Ramlila Maidan in a massive show of strength that would ring in the memory of the political class for a long time. Showing solidarity with them, Adivasis from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatishgarh and Jharkhand came and joined in the gathering. These groups are from the most backward class and are clearly disenchanted with the attitude of the government towards them. One of their main demands was the exclusion of the Lambadas from the list of the Scheduled Tribes. The show of strength showed the fault lines in the present system of classification of backward classes.

Good words and phrases used .. Ring in the ears of someone, Converge, Solidarity, Fault line, Disenchanted

Sabrimala revenue touches Rs.73 crores

A raging controversy about women’s entry into the shrine had kept devotees away last year. However, pilgrims returned to the temple this year contributing Rs.73 crores in revenue as against Rs.41 crores last year.

Forensic investigation of Delhi fire tragedy begins

MPs cutting across party lines expressed their anguish over the incident that caused the loss of lives of 45 poor laborers. The incident brings into clear focus the hazards of allowing factories in congested residential areas. Forensic investigations have started and could reveal if there was any foul play behind the tragedy.

Good words used .. Anguish, Bring into clear focus, Foul play

SC asks States to submit reports on Food Security Act

PILs were filed in the Apex Court about denial of subsidized food to poor people on the ground that their Aadhar cards were not linked to their ration cards leading to starvation deaths in Jharkhand. The Supreme Court expressed its unease over the matter and has asked States to reply on implementation of the Food Security Act by them.

Australia and Japan urge India for a re-think over the RCEP

India walked away from the RCEP citing the danger that the country would be swamped by cheap dairy imports from New Zealand, and low-teach manufactured products from China. This could imperil the small Indian dairy farmers and small scale industries. Australia and Japan still feel that India would gain from its membership of RCEP, and are trying to prevail upon Indian leaders to re-think their stand.

Good words used .. Imperil, Swamp, Prevail upon

Venkaih comes down heavily on truant M.Ps and ministers

Irked by the continuing tendency to skip Rajya Sabha proceedings, the Chairman, Venkaih Naidu, has pulled up the habitual offenders and told them to mend their ways by taking the proceedings seriously.

Good words and phrases used … Come down on, Irk, Pull up someone, Mend one’s ways

SC to hear Article 370 from today

After some unexplained delay, hearing of the many PILs filed in the Apex Court challenging the abrogation of Article 370 in J&K will begin from today.

Massive anti-NRC rally in Kolkata

Venting their anger and resentment against the NRC, large crowds staged demonstration all over Kolkata bringing traffic to a standstill. The markets and schools remained shut as the rally called by left parties took everyone by surprise by its sheer size and the palpable anger among the protestors.

Scientists and scholars send petition to government to take back the CAB

About 1000 eminent scholars and scientists from all over the country have sent a passionate plea to the government to withdraw the CAB that they feel strikes at the very root of India’s secular Constitution.

North-east simmers in anger as CAB looms

The entire North East has been gripped by fear and gloom as the country braces for the CAB to take effect. Angry demonstrations and strike calls have brought the whole of North East to a grinding halt.


Poll draws closer in Britain

As Britain nears poll, confusion and uncertainty pervades the whole island nation. People hope that the election results would be conclusive and end the deadlock and paralysis the government faced in the face of conflicting Brexit views by politicians.

Leaked papers reveal huge misinformation and subterfuge on Afghan war

Leaked reports running to 2000 pages have hit the Americans like a bolt from the blue. The reports graphically reveal how military generals in Afghanistan, and Pentagon big-wigs colluded to hide the real and very depressing picture of the war in Afghanistan that the U.S.  fought for decades against its Taliban adversaries. The unpleasant truth was the U.S. soldiers sacrificed their sweat and blood for gains that were transitory and cosmetic, at the best. The allied forces never got on top of the Taliban in a decisive way, because the locals sided with them, and not the Americans. The terrain was so unknown and hostile. When confronted with searching questions from the media and the anti-war critics, the military would give the stock reply, “We are making progress.” Thus the whole nation was kept in dark about the uphill task the American soldiers were facing in the field where they received little help from the locals.

The war statistics make very depressing reading. The U.S had deployed 7,75,000 soldiers out of which 2300 were killed, 20589 were wounded. In terms of cost, the American taxpayers paid between 934 to 978 billion USD. The assessment of the end result is more shocking. The U.S. is exiting Afghanistan leaving it in the hands of its sworn enemy, the Taliban. The present government in Kabul will collapse within days of the U.S. withdrawal. The country has been ravaged by war, and may not at all recover for decades, because development as is perceived in the West — good education, healthcare, rule of law, religious freedom, human rights — are all anathema to the Taliban. The U.S. couldn’t have faced a more ignominious outcome after a war that dragged on for decades and exacted such a heavy price from it.

In many ways, the Afghan War mirrors the infamous Vietnam War. It should provide the Americans some food for thought.

Good words and phrases used …. Subter fuge, Bolt from the blue, Collude, Big-wig, Adversary, Transitory, Cosmetic, Uphill, Sworn, Ignominious, Exact as verb, Anathema, Mirror  as verb,

Finland’s Sanna Marin is world’s youngest prime minister

The Finish have made history by electing a you woman of 34 to lead their nation as prime minister. She is Sanna Mrin who has etched her name in world politics by this feat.

Russia and Ukraine agree to tone down their conflict

In a meeting mediated by France and Germany, Mr. Putin, and his Ukrainian counterpart Zelensky have agreed to stop military operations against each other. This augers well for the region. The thaw, if followed through, might led to lasting peace between the two neighbors.

Good words and phrases used .. Auger well, Follow through, Thaw,

China claims it has transformed the Uighurs’ lives for the better

China has claimed that the Muslim communities in Xinxiang have opened a new leaf in their lives, thanks to the modern education and gainful fulltime jobs provided by Beijing. The veracity of such claim is yet to be verified.

Good words and phrases used .. Open a new leaf, Veracity


CGST collection figure down by nearly 40% in the April-November period

The Finance Minister’s worries about garnering funds for plan and non-plan expenditures of the government worsened with the news that GST collections have missed the target by a yawning 38%. This is bound to increase the fiscal deficit position at  the end of the year. The economic slowdown is beginning to bite hard.

Good words used .. Yawning, Garner

Solapur garment manufacturers aim to enter global market with a bang

A pilot project to set up a ‘garment park’ to accommodate nearly 125 garment makers in one single complex will soon be implemented. This initiative is part of Maharashtra’s grand plan to establish six such garment parks all over the state. The Solapur Garment Manufacturer’s Association(SGMA) claims that Solapur has made its name as a center for specialist producers of uniforms for Indian and overseas customers.

Walmart and Amazon will train Indian MSMEs in digital commerce

The two giant MNCs will train Indian small and medium scale industries to adopt digital systems to facilitate their integration to the global supply chain.




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