The Nightingale and the Rose – CHSE Odisha +2 2nd Year – Answers

The Nightingale and the Rose

Oscar Wilde

Answers for all the questions from the lesson ‘The Nightingale and the Rose’ included in the CHSE +2 book ‘Invitation to English – 2’.

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Think it out – 1

1. Why does the young student pine for a red rose?
Answer – The young student’s sweetheart was going to throw a ball the next day, and as per prior agreement, he could dance with her only if he gave her a red rose. Unfortunately, he fails to get a rose despite looking for it in every corner of the garden. The opportunity to dance with his beloved almost appeared to be slipping away. Utterly heart-broken in this helpless situation, he pines for a red rose.

2. Why does the nightingale admire the young student?
Answer – Through his facial expression, the young student seemed to be a truly passionate lover who was ready to do anything to get a red rose for his lover.

3. How does the nightingale wonder at the mystery of love?
Answer – Singing romantic songs made the nightingale sad, but the lovers happy. The lovelorn young boy’s radiant face had become pale and shriveled because the beloved’s charm haunted him. Such is the power of love.

Think it out – 2

1. What does the nightingale do to get a red rose?
Answer – The nightingale flies out far and wide to search for red rose. The intense effort involved does not deter her.

2. How does the rose tree growing beneath the student’s door agree to give her a red rose?
Answer – The rose tree sets very difficult condition to part with the single rose it had. According to it, the nightingale had to sing a love song the whole night while being perched on one of its branches. It had to expose its breast to a thorn, so that the latter impelled it and red blood came from the nightingale’s body to cover the rose.

3. Why does the nightingale decide to get a red rose at the cost of her life?
Answer – The nightingale was an ardent priest of true love. She understood the way it affects those who are deprived of it. She didn’t want to see the young Student devastated for not being able to dance with his sweetheart. So, she went out of her way to get a rare red rose at the cost of her life.

Think it out – 3

1. What does the nightingale expect from the student in exchange of a red rose?
Answer – The nightingale implored the young student to be a true and committed lover, more powerful and true than philosophy.

2. What does the Student write about the nightingale in his note book?
Answer – The Student wrote that the nightingale had form, no doubt, but possibly lacked feeling. The nightingale was more like a commercial artist, and lacked the sincerity that she portrayed in her song. She can’t make any sacrifice for love.

Think it out – 4

1. What does the nightingale do to get a red rose?
Answer – The nightingale spots the red rose tree after a long search. It enters into an arrangement with the rose tree to get the lone flower. It agreed to make a supreme sacrifice by undertaking to die a painful death. The blood from its breast had to colour the rose by oozing out of its body slowly. The thorn of the rose tree would pierce the nightingale inflicting great pain.

2. What kind of songs does the Nightingale sing?
Answer – The nightingale sings emotion-filled romantic songs.

Think it out – 5

1. What does the Student do with the red rose?
Answer – The Student hands over the rose to the girl quite expectantly, but she rebuffs the gift very curtly. In utter disgust, he threw the rose to the way side drain.

2. How does the professor’s daughter respond to the student’s gift of the red rose?
Answer – The girl contemptuously declined to accept the roses saying it’s worthless compared to the jewels given to her by Chamberlin’s nephew.

3. Why did the student return to the books?
Answer – After the debacle he faced in his maiden romantic misadventure, the student got to see the harsh reality of this world, and the many pitfalls of venturing into romance prematurely. He decided to focus upon academics, and study philosophy and metaphysics.

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