Television – CHSE Odisha +2 2nd Year – Answers


by Roald Dahl

Answers for all the questions from the poetry ‘Television’ included in the CHSE +2 book ‘Invitation to English – 1’.

Think it out

1. What important thing does the poet say about children and the television?
Answer – The poet despises television to the core. He considers them to be worthless idiotic boxes that nobody should waste their precious time on. He is particularly concerned about the little children who usually stay glued to the screen. He doesn’t wish the budding minds to get sucked in by the television and recommends parents to not have such tele-boxes at their disposal.

2. How do children spend their time with the television?
Answer – Fanciful contents are incessantly streamed on the television. Children naturally enjoy watching the stuff tailored to be in tune with their interests. One show leads to the other and the curious minds, knowing no better, are left craving for more. They simply lay about lazily staring at the television screen, binging on unhealthy junk.

3. How do children behave while watching TV?
Answer – Children are completely absorbed in the thrill that television provides them all day long. They get annoyed at anything that enforces even a momentary obstruction in the flow of their viewing pleasure. They act as mortal beings possessed by a non-living entity.

4. How does TV become a harmful addiction for children?
Answer – Anything that’s repeated for a few days turns habitual for human beings. If the habit is a bad one, it can have lasting detrimental effects on a person. Children are individuals in the making and sacrificing important life skills for entertainment on television will ruin their future. As the saying goes, ‘As you sow, so you shall reap’. By unconsciously practicing addiction, a horrid foundation is laid for their development.

5. Why do parents let their children watch TV?
Answer – The period of childhood is marked by innocence, playfulness, desire to explore and most importantly, restlessness. Managing children is a real tough ask and as human beings, we always pick the easier alternative. In this case, instead of losing their peace looking after the children all day long, parents choose to sit them before a television to momentarily put their troublesome toddler instincts to rest.

6. Do you think TV does the role of a babysitter? Justify.
Answer – Unquestionably, it does. I’d go ahead and claim that it does play the role of a babysitter a little too well. Television provides an all pleasure, no pain experience which children are particularly fond of. The search for pleasant experiences drives a child’s curiosity. A TV provides the same without him having to move anywhere.

7. What are the undesirable consequences of watching the television?
Answer – Devoting too much time to watching television stalls one’s mental and intellectual development. It strips us of our imaginative abilities. The content streamed on the television is not always educational and productive. So watching TV always carries the risk of feeding our mind with piles of useless information that has no practical usage or importance. A mind that’s used to watching TV fails to resonate with the actual pieces of texts like fantasies.

8. Why does the poet use all capital letters to end his poem?
Answers – The poet wants the readers to pay more attention to the concluding section of his poem. He ends the poem with what he thinks are the grave consequences of watching TV and is hopeful that his message doesn’t go unnoticed.

9. What comparison does he make to prove his point?
Answer – He compares the brains of the TV addicted children with cheese. To him, the addiction prevents the proper development of their brains by reducing them to mere dopamine receptors.

10. ‘HE CANNOT THINK — HE ONLY SEES!’ – what does ‘he’ refer to?
Answer – ‘He’ here refers to anybody that is obsessed over TV. The poet emphasizes the terrible effects it inflicts on the children but the message is applicable for individuals of any age group.

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