English Vocabulary Exercise – 32 (Learn how to make sentences with given words)

Vocabulary Exercise – 32

English Skill Building – 52

Learn new words and phrases by framing your own sentences

Make sentences with

Sentence as noun
Sentence as verb
Defect as noun
Defect as verb
Scuffle as noun
Scuffle as verb
Brazen as adjective
Brazen as verb
Mire as noun
Mire as verb
Torpedo as noun
Torpedo as verb
Bottle as noun
Bottle as verb
Sandwich as noun
Sandwich as verb
Hoof as noun
Hoof as verb


Sentence as verb – The court sentenced the pedophile to ten years in jail.

Defect as noun – Your writing has so many defects.

Defect as verb – Some Trinamool politicians have defected to join BJP.

Scuffle as noun – A scuffle broke out in front of the ticket counters.

Scuffle as verb – A group of rugby players scuffled in the pub after the match got over.

Brazen as adjective – The BJP spokesperson’s claim that the economy is already generating nearly a crore of new jobs each year is both brazen, and unbelievable.

Brazen as verb – Politicians who defect to join rival parties often become objects of mocking and ridicule. But, they brazen out the criticism by posing that they have done no wrong.

Mire as noun – The herd of elephants sensed danger and steered clear of the mire that had developed after the recent rains.

Mire as verb – From the inception, this culture project has been mired in difficulties.

Torpedo as noun – A single torpedo can destroy even a large war ship, if it gets a direct hit.

Torpedo as verb – A torpedo is a very potent weapon in the hands of the navy,

Bottle as noun – Medicines are best stored in glass bottles.

Bottle as verb – The wife separated from her husband had bottled up all her feelings. She narrated everything before the judge in tearful eyes

Sandwich as noun – I manage my morning breakfast with just one tomato sandwich

Sandwich as verb – The blind beggar was grievously injured when he got sandwiched between a moving truck and a bus.

Hoof as noun – Hoofs protect animals from the wear and tear of their feet caused during walking.

Hoof as verb – The young footballer caught the attention of the coach when he hoofed the ball high up into the sky.

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