English Vocabulary Exercise – 33 (Fill in the blanks vocabulary)

Vocabulary Exercise – 33

English Skill Building – 53

Learn new words in this fill in the blanks exercise

Fill in the blanks and learn the two uses of the word ‘vouchsafe’.

He was a faith-healer, but the people in the area used to address as ‘Doctor Saheb’. The doctor could cure terminally patients whom the qualified doctors in the hospital gave up treating. Every morning a huge crowd of diseased people and their relatives gathered around his clinic hoping to be examined by him.  A queue used to form early morning every day. The news of his miraculous healing power had spread far and wide. Even allopathic doctors in government hospitals 1 __________ that the miracle-doctor knew something beyond medical science.

One day, after being repeatedly pressed by his 10-year-old son, he said that it is Lord Jagannath who has 2 __________ the healing power to him. The Lord once appeared in his dream and told him to press the pulse of the ailing person with his right hand, and utter His name six times. This simple ritual gave the doctor such 3 __________ power to  cure virtually dying patients in a matter of days with very minimal cost to the patient. 

His wife overheard her husband and rushed to him with quizzical eyes. She asked him why he had not 4 __________ the healing formula to her yet.

[Conceded, Formidable, Vouchsafe, Serpentine, Vouchsafe]


1. Conceded, 2. Vouchsafed, 3. Formidable, 4. Vouchsafed

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