Sentence Combining Exercise – 15

Rewriting Sentences English Skill Building – 152 Break down the passages to cimole sentences (News article sourced from the Washington Post) Passage 1 At the U.S. penitentiary in Marion, Ill., in a special unit so restrictive that it has the nickname “Little Guantánamo,” a broad-chested, … Read more

English Grammar Exercise – 4 (Rewriting Sentences)

Grammar Exercise – 4 English Skill Building – 32 Learn grammar for better writing Changing the form of a sentence Example – The teacher said, “It seems all of you have not understood the question properly. Change this sentence like this – The teacher said, … Read more

English Grammar Exercise – 1 (ISC Language Class 11 and 12)

Grammar Exercise – 1 English Skill Building – 25 Modify the sentences, so that they can have the starting word or phrase as indicated Questions 1. My colleague is a bit loquacious. He is loved by one and all for his altruism. Modified – Although … Read more