English Vocabulary Exercise – 30 (Fill in the blanks with suitable words in the correct form)

Vocabulary Exercise – 30

English Skill Building – 36

Fill in the gaps in the following sentences by choosing the right word from the choices give.

*If necessary, add ‘to’ before the word or –ing after it to make it fit into the sentence. For example, it would be either ‘to go’ or ‘going’.

Set One

[Make, Install, Audit, Cross-breed, Clock, Touch]

1. We have decided __________ a new computer in the office to improve efficiency.
2. I like gardening, and I really enjoy __________ different species of Rose.
3. We expect our collection __________ Rs. One million by year-end.
4. The woman Indian Olympic runner expects __________ 10 seconds in the 100-meter dash.
5. The RBI audit tem suggested __________ the books of the failed PMC Bank for the last ten years.
6. I didn’t know how to order the laptop I needed, but my mother offered __________ the right choice.

Set Two

[Cook, Hold, Extend, Enjoy, Reverse, Convict]

1. We are making ready a brand new conference room __________ our company’s Annual General Meeting.
2. India’s economic growth is sliding, but the Finance Minster has promised __________ the downward trend.
3. In India, corrupt politicians are routinely arrested, but the courts hesitate __________ them.
4. The Bhubaneswar airport authorities are mulling __________ the runway by 300 meters.
5. I decided to leave the job, because I couldn’t pretend __________ the nasty jokes of my colleagues.
6. My mother has burnt her fingers, so she can’t manage __________ dinner tonight.


Set One

1. Install, 2. Cross-breeding, 3. To touch, 4. To clock, 5. Auditing, 6. To make

Set Two

1. To hold, 2. To reverse, 3. To convict, 4. Extending, 5. Enjoying, 6. To cook

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