Civil Service Vocabulary Exercise – 1

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In this series of Vocabulary Exercises intended for Civil Service aspirants, we aim to help students gain an upper hand in competition with rich English vocabulary. These exercises have been tailored to be both challenging and rewarding at the same time. We hope the readers have just as much fun doing it as we had in making.

New words from Hindu (January 7, 2021)

Insert these words in the right gaps found in the following sentences.

Edifice, Realpolitik, Tranche, Unseemly, Unholy nexus, Benign, Synergy, Quagmire, Flay, Remand, Cull, Meddle

The Central Vista project will create a splendid ————— that will symbolize a resurgent India and its strides to attain global glory. However, the critics of this project have ——————-  it as a wasteful expenditure intended to put a gloss on the putrid, and utterly corrupt democratic structure of the country that has been disemboweled by greedy politicians, pliant judiciary and a subservient media.

The caste system has been a scourge of Indian society that refuses to go. We need to recognize the utter disregard of human rights embedded in this age-old system and throw it out, before the entire —————- of any justice in Indian society collapses.’

Even the government spokespersons concede, though grudgingly, that the three Agriculture Bills were passed in parliament in —————— haste. This has provided ground to the farmers to accuse that the bills are the result of an —————– between two large business houses and the government.

As the chorus against the business houses gets louder, they find themselves bogged in a quagmire that has already cost them a lot of goodwill and business. To counter such a perception, they have started a PR campaign in the media to project their ———- and to stress the fact that they have nothing to do with the bills.

There was a time when India spearheaded the international effort to bring mainland China under Chairman Mao to the United Nations, and completely shun Taiwan under President Chiang Kai-shek out of the world political stage. Now, the situation has changeddramatically. India wants to develop trade contacts with China, even if it means annoying the latter. This is ——————–.

The sad state of India’s banking sector is a culmination of so many factors. One prominent among is the way government meddles in their affairs, and forces them to grant loans to undeserving borrowers. To shore up their working, government has infused funds to them from time to time. The last ————– amounting to Rs.60,000 crores was released last month.

The outbreak of bird flu has forced the farm owners to ———– the birds in mass scale.

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