ISIS – K – General Studies for Civil Service Exams – 8

What is ISIS-K

ISIS-K is an ultra-orthodox, violent    , and fanatic Sunni Muslim organization that has a small group of around 3000 to 4000 followers. It operates from a small region in Pakistan -Afghanistan border. It mirrors the now-defunct ISIS (IS or Daesh) that once rocked the west Asian region with its brutality and chauvinism. 

ISIS-K now targets the Afghan Taliban whom it describes as luxury and power-loving deviant Muslims. ISIS-K now operates in parts of Afghanistan and poses formidable challenge to the Taliban law-enforcing machinery. For the cash-starved, internationally-isolated Taliban, ISIS-K has emerged as a major headache.

ISIS-K means ISIS Khorasan. Khorasan is the name of the Pakistani province where the group is based. Because of its extreme views and propensity for violence, the group finds itself in the crosshairs of the Pakistani government too.

ISIS-K announced its birth in 2015. It is thought to have been established by A group of disaffected hardline former members of the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban joined hands to start ISIS-K.


In August 2021, ISIS-K staged multiple attacks in Kabul just as the U.S. forces were pulling out. Scores of Afghan civilians died in the attack, and 13 U.S. servicemen also laid down their lives. 

Now, the ISIS-K has turned the heat on the Taliban administrators.



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