General Studies for Civil Service Exams – 6

Public Affairs Index (PAI)

What is Public Affairs Index (PAI 2020) …

It is a measure of the quality of governance in the sub-national level where the states and Union territories are assessed basing the evaluation on strict scientific parameters. It is data-based and stands strict statistical scrutiny. A Composite Index (CI) is assumed as the scale. 

How the evaluation is done…

States are classified into two categories- large and small- using population as the criteria. Equity, Growth and Sustainability are the three main criteria used to measure governance and development. The Composite Index (CI) is anchored to these three parameters. Each of the three parameters are determined by five governance practice themes that include- Voice and Accountability, Government Effectiveness, Rule of Law, Regulatory Quality and Control of Corruption. 

This year’s (PASI 2021) result… 

Karnataka has dropped to the 7th rank from the 4th rank held last year. It scored 0.121. 


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