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November 27, 2019

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Udhav Thackeray set to become Maharashtra C.M

Cobbling together a coalition with Congress and the NCP, Udhav Thackeray has finally succeeded in his ambition to head the government of the second biggest and most vibrant state of the country. A crest-fallen Fadnavis lamented that Maharashtra can never see a stable government under such a disparate coalition. The Governor had to eat humble pie when he had to invite the same Siva Sena whom he had refused to give just 48 hours more to prove its claim a few days ago.

Good words and phrases used .. Cobble, Crest-fallen, Disparate, Eat humble pie

Woman devotee stopped en route to Sabarimala shrine

An intrepid woman devotee named Bindu Ammini had to face pepper spray attack by a male devotee in the temple premises. The incident caused considerable commotion in the area, and the police had to intervene to control the situation.

Good words used .. Commotion, Intrepid


Pakistan Army Chief may not get any extension – Pakistan’s Supreme Court intervenes

General Javed Bajwa who was given a three-year extension of his tenure as army chief, may not get it. Imran Khan, the prime minister had issued the extension order in August, 2019, but the Supreme frowned upon the move saying the order, if any, should have emanated from the office of the President, who is the appointing authority of the army chief. The Bench said the Prime Minister couldn’t issue such an order. The matter will finally be decided by Wednesday. General Bawa is slated to retire on Friday.

Good words used .. Mired in, Frown upon, Emanate, Slate as verb

Trump’s ex-Aide Donal McGain must appear before the House panel, says the judge

President Trump mired in swirling controversy after the U.S. Congress decided to examine the Muller Investigation report had more bad news in store for him, when a Federal Judge directed the former White House aide David McGain to appear for hearing before House panel. President Trump is facing mounting challenges to his position for many of his past misdeeds.

Good phrases used .. Mired in

Chief Rabbi (Jewish religious priest) castigates Corbyn

The Chief Rabbi launched a bristling attack on the Labour Party leader Mr. Corbyn for his openly hostile views against the Jews and Israel. The Rabbi declared that Corbyn was unfit to become the prime minister of Britain that has a sizeable Jewish population. Britain is going to the polls on December 12.

Good words and phrases used .. Castigate Bristle, 

A mellowed Lam concedes her government is deeply unpopular among the people

Carrie Lam, the chief executive of Hong Kong, has admitted that the long street protests by pro-democracy students have led to large-scale disenchantment with her administration. She is ruminating ways to reduce the chasm between her government and the people.

Good words used .. Mellowed, Disenchantment, Ruminate, Chasm

13 French troops perish in helicopter crash in Mali

Mali is a land-locked country in Africa that was a French colony for a long time. It is the eighth largest country of Africa, and is rich in resources. Unfortunately, the northern part of the country has been gripped by insurgency. Islamist militias have posed a serious threat to the central government’s authority there. The French military intervention to counter the militia t=menace started in 2012. At the request of the Mali government, the French forces have stayed back to bolster the government forces. This helicopter crash happened at night when it was flying on the trail of a few fighters escaping on a pick-up truck.


Mudra loans turn bad causing much headache for the RBI

The Modi government had conceived and implemented the Mudra loan scheme to allow tiny entrepreneurs to start or augment their self-help ventures. The loan amount was between Rs.50,000 to Rs.2 lakh. It was a very well-intentioned idea designed to promote entrepreneurship. Sadly, it has been found that most borrowers have defaulted in their payments leaving the lending banks to carry the load of huge NPAs. Now, the RBI has expressed its concern about such an ominous development.

Infrastructure spending by states must rise, says CRISIL

To kick-start the sluggish economy and sustain its growth momentum, the states must step up their spending on infrastructure projects, advises CRISIL. It feels infra spending by states must rise to Rs.110 lakh in the coming ten years.

Rating agencies lower India’s growth projection

India Ratings & Research (Ind-Ra) has lowered the growth forecast of India for the Financial year 2020 to 5.6%. It says the growth in Q2 of the current financial might decelerate to 4.7%.

UPASI seeks expeditious release of funds

The United Planters Association of India (UPASI) has asked the government to release the allocated funds to various commodity boards like the coffee board, tea board, and rubber board. It will improve the cash flow position of these organizations and will ease the difficulty faced by the planters. The tea planters of south India have to receive nearly Rs.55 crores from the central government. The delay has put the planters in difficulties.  Due to climate change, unseasonal and delayed rains, plantations have seen decreasing yield which has exacerbated the problems of the planters.

Marriot Hotels to expand aggressively

Marriot Hotels plans to open 45 new hotels in India in the coming months. Rajeev Menon, President of the group says the slowdown in Indian economy is temporary and days of high growth will arrive soon.

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