Today’s Current Affairs November 29

November 29, 2019

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Pragya Thakur’s anti-Gandhi rant invites BJP’s wrath

Pragya Thakur’s praise for Gandhiji’s assassin Godse resulted in vociferous condemnation both inside and outside the parliament. An embarrassed BJP acted swiftly to distance itself from her, and announced that she had been dropped from the Parliamentary panel on Defence.

Good words used .. Rant, Wrath, Vociferous,

Google reveals it had warned 500 users about possible government snooping   

Internet users in India were rudely shocked to hear from Google that some 500 Indians’ accounts were illegally watched by government agencies. It caused widespread disquiet and anxiety among the users.

Good words used … Snooping, Disquiet


Telengana transport workers allowed to resume duty

The striking transport workers who broke their strike unilaterally had to wait to be allowed to resume work. The government kept them waiting for two days before letting them in. It was an insult the demoralized employees had to swallow.

Kuwait domestic workers issue stirs the MPs

The ordeal the domestic wormer had to endure in Kuwait created a huge outcry in the public. Echoing such sentiments, MPs in both sides urged the government to intervene. The minister attributed the frequent occurrence of such cases to the Apps and Websites that facilitate hiring of maids from overseas. The wealthy Arabs recruit unsuspecting maids, only to exploit them later.

Good words used — Ordeal, Endure, Outcry, Attribute, Unsuspecting

India will make defense purchases worth Rs.28000 crores

The Defence Minister has cleared the purchase of items like surveillance aircrafts or AWACKS. AWACKS stands for Airborne Warning and Control Systems. These monitoring aircrafts alert our forces against intruding enemy aircrafts, missiles, and drones.

 Gotabaya  in Delhi

The new Sri Lankan president Gotbaya Rajapakshe is in India today to reassure the Indian leadership about Sri Lankan commitment to lasting friendship with its northern neighbor. Gotabaya will meet Modi during his sojourn.

Sweden exerts pressure on India to restore normalcy in J&K

With the impending visit of the Swedish King to India, Sweden has impressed upon the Indian authorities to restore normalcy in the valley at the earliest. As is well known, Sweden is a fierce champion of freedom and restrictions on the citizen of any kind is anathema to it.

Pakistan SC clears the deck for the army chief’s three-year extension

Pakistan Supreme Court has permitted conditional extension of the army chief’s tenure after the government undertook to remove the anomalies soon.


Automotive sector expects better sales in December and beyond

It has been observed that customers buy assets like cars, two-wheelers, tractors etc. when the year draws to a close. Automotive manufacturers have been registering tepid sales for almost a year. The slump in sales has caused massive job losses in the main factories as well as in those of the suppliers. So, the automotive sector is hoping against hope that December will usher in better times that could continue.  

Cotton harvest may be good this year.

Copious rainfall has brightened the prospects of a good cotton harvest this year. The Cotton Advisory Board is hopeful that exports of this commodity will register a rise.

PCPIR at Dahej in fast lane

Gujarat’s Petroleum and Petrochemical Investment Region (PCPIR) at Dahej has attracted investment worth Rs.1 lakh crore. The facility located in a coastal area is spread over an area of 220 square Kilometers.

RIL set to reach a landmark

RIL’s market cap may cross Rs.10 lakh crore soon. It will be the first Indian company to do so.



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