Today’s Current Affairs November 23 (from The Hindu & The Economist)

Current Affairs November 23, 2019 [from The Hindu, The Economist and other sources]

Front page ..

Udhav Thackeray to head Maharashtra

Udhab Thackeray will cobble together the necessary numbers with the help of NCP and Congress. The development came after days of back-door parleys among the top leaders of the three parties.

**As per the latest news, Fadnavis has been sworn in as the Chief Minister. Ajit Pawar of NCP will be the Deputy C.M. The government will thus be in the hands of the BJP.

 Niti Ayog warns 5 trillion GDP might prove elusive

With economy slowing down continuously for the last eight quarters, alarm bells about India reaching the 5 trillion GDP goal is receding. Voices of concern have been heard from multiple sources, such as Mr. Rangarajan, former Economic Advisor to the UPA government and the NITI Ayog chairman Amitav Kant, who have joined many other agencies to express similar sentiments.

Supreme  Court asks Union Government and the UIDAI to clear the air about Aadhar data safety..

On a petition filed by a few retired army officers alleging that Aadhar data of citizens are finding their way to private agencies for commercial use, the Supreme Court has asked the former to file a response.

Bengaluru news ..

Purple Line commuters jostle for space in Green Line  trains..

With passenger numbers in the Majestic Interchange soaring to one lakh level, BMRCL authorities now face loud clamor from commuters for early introduction of 6-coach trains in the Purple Line to ease congestion.

Bengaluru shines as India’s top city in the Global Inclusive Prosperity Index..

With the rank of 83, Bengaluru has surged ahead of Delhi (101) and Mumbai (107) in the PICSA ranking. A total of 113 cities were surveyed for the Prosperity and Inclusion City Seal Index (PICSA) award. Zurich topped the list.

BWSSB to build wet wells around the Varthur Lake ..

To stop polluted water from the surrounding habitations seeping into the lake, BWSSB will dig wet wells around it. The wet well will be a sump located in a low-lying area, from which the accumulated sewage will be pumped to a STP for processing.  The location of the sump in the low-lying position will prevent sewage seeping against the gradient to enter the Varthur Lake.

National ..

Universities must pay for their ranking process..

The Karnataka State Higher Education Council (KSHEC) has asked the universities in the state to pay processing fees, if they want to be rated. Government universities will need to pay Rs.1.25 lakh, and private ones Rs.2.5 lakh. A body of ex-Vice Chancellors has, however opposed this proposal as unnecessary and a duplication of exercise.

Kalburgi airport now can handle commercial flights ..

Kalburgi’s Greenfield airport will see its first commercial flight when Star Air’s plane will take off for Bengaluru. This will boost regional connectivity.

Resue and Relief team in Karanataka .. The State will have a contingent of nearly 200 personnel trained along the lines of NDRF. They will be strategically deployed in four different locations in the state.

Kerala snakebite death in school ..

The Principal and the head master of the school where a girl died after a snakebite have been suspended on grounds of negligence.

Kerala might have a Sabrimala Development Authority..

The State government is mulling the creation of Sabrimala Development Authority for bringing about better management of the pilgrimage town.

Shivangi soars to the skies , thanks to Indian Navy..

Shivangi is a girl from the rural hinterland of Bihar. Her father is a school teacher and mother, a housewife. From such modest beginning, she rose progressively to do her graduation and post-graduation in Mechanical Engineering. She cleared the tough SSB interview and joined the Navy where she has completed her training as a pilot. Now, she has got her ‘wings’ to become Sub Lieutenant Shivangi. She brims with confidence and ambition.

Nobel Laureate Ramakrishnan to give lecture in Chennai..

The winner of 2009 Nobel in Chemistry, and the current president of the Royal Society will be the chief speaker in the 2020 TNQ Distinguished Lectures.

BHU students call off 15-day sit-in

After a lot of deliberations, the agitating students have agreed to end their sit-in. However, it is unclear whether they are reconciled to Dr. Firoz Khan teaching them Sanskrit and Hindu practices.


Stalled Afghan peace talks and the prospect of peace

Nearly two and half months after President Trump abruptly cancelled peace talks, pessimism still fills the air in Kabul. In a recent statement Nancy Jackson, the Deputy Assistant Secretary in charge of Afghanistan has said that a political statement may not end the cycle of violence that has plagued the country for decades. She also praised India’s effort in the reconstruction of infrastructures in the country.

Sri Lanka will have snap elections

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has decided to hold snap elections in March to elect a prime minister, a position his elder brother Mahinda holds now.

Trump claims he interceded in Hong Kong matter to prevent a blood bath

President Trump has claimed that he successfully persuaded President Xi not to order a military crackdown on the protesting students. With spiraling violence, it is unclear how long Beijing will hold back on the issue.

Finance ..

RBI appoints three-member advisory panel for DHFL

As DHFL makes its turtuous journey through the insolvency process at  every step, the Administrator would need guidance. RBI has appointed a 3-member panel to advise the Administrator.

SEBI may permit reclassification of promoters..

Companies like Yes Bank, Zee Entertainment, Mindtree have seen the drastic reduction in the share holdings of their promoter directors in recent months. However, the promoters continue to remain as directors as the Article and Memorandum of Association of the companies specified so. This is clearly an unsustainable situation. SEBI will soon bring in legislation to re-classify the departing promoter directors as just public share holders with no special rights.




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