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December 31, 2019

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Railways want reparations for its damaged property

Taking a cue from Adityanath, the Chief Minister of UP, the Railways have decided to demand compensation for the property destroyed by vandals during the anti-CAA agitations in the last few days. The eastern Railway alone suffered a loss of Rs.70 croes. The total loss all over the country comes to Rs.80 crores. Observers say it is a welcome trend to hold the mobs responsible for the damages they cause, but the due process of law must be followed while demanding recovery.

Ajit Pawar back as Dy. Chief Minister, while the young Aditya Thackeray gets a berth

A total of 35 ministers were sworn in by the Governor of Maharashtra. The state now has a full-strength cabinet. The administration now should work with full vigor.

Smartphones and FB banned in Naval establishments on land or sea

Alarmed at the recent incidents of seven naval personnel leaking sensitive information through Facebook, the top brass of the Navy have put a blanket ban on use of Smartphones or use of FB aboard naval assets at sea and on land.

Kerala surges towards UN development goals leaving many states far behind

Demonstrating its unique social consciousness, and attitude towards adoption of modern healthcare practices, Kerala has emerged as the only state in the whole of India to be within striking distance of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The list was prepared by the NITI Ayog. Bihar finds itself ignominiously at the bottom of the list.

With regard to hunger eradication and ensuring gender equality, most states have been laggards.

The SDGs are 17 broad-based development goals set by the United Nations. All developing nations were asked to achieve these in a time-bound manner. Sadly, in case of India, these goals appear to be far too distant and elusive.

Good words used .. Elusive, Ignominious, Laggard

Gen. Rawat is the first CoDS

The government appointed Gen. Rawat as the first CoDS, a day after he retired from the post of army chief. The three service chiefs will come under him for all operational issues.

BSY joins issue with Udhav over Maharashtra-Karnataka border

The long un-resolved border between the two states reared its ugly head after Udhav Thackeray made a statement over the matter that upset the Karnataka CM. B. S. Yediurappa lost no time in issuing a rebuttal to his Maharashtra counterpart’s views.

Good words and phrases used .. Join issue with, Rear one’s ugly head, Rebuttal


Karnataka to demand 25%reservation for State students in NLSIU

Karnataka assembly will soon pass a bill asking for 25% reservation for state in the prestigious National Laws School of India University.

Green cover over the country rises, but north east records a dip

According to the latest information provided in the Indian State of Forest Report (ISFR), total green cover over the country has shown an increase, except in states like Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, and Manipur.  Kerala showed the best performance by recording 4.68% increase in its forest cover.

Cold wave wreaks vengeance on the whole of north India

The whole of north India had to contend with biting cold that made life for the poor insufferable. A blanket of fog shrouded vast swathes of land making it almost impossible for flights to land or take off. Trains moved in slow speed. Life became very difficult for farmers working in the fields where the wind and contact with extremely cold water worsened their plight. The homeless and the destitute bore the brunt of the freezing cold.

Good words and phrases used … Wreak vengeance on, Contend with, Insufferable, Swathe, Plight, Destitute, Bear the brunt of

Railways to use AI for security solutions

The Indian Railways will adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure safety of journey, passengers, and properties. The AI systems will be integrated with the vast number of CCTV cameras that will be added to the ones already installed. The Railway Board Chairman said that all stations in the country will be covered by March 2022.

Five leaders released in J&K

Five political leaders, all ex-MLAs from the three main political parties, were released from detention today. However, the main leaders such as the three ex-chief ministers of the state continue to languish in jail-like facilities.  Their continued incarceration has portrayed India in poor light.

Good words used .. Incarceration, Languish

J&K allows jobseekers from outside the state to apply for state jobs

In a move that is bound to infuriate some hard-core Kashmiries, the government has lifted the ban on Indians from other parts to seek jobs inside the state.

Maharashtra Governor admonishes oath-taking minister for deviating from the text

During the swearing in ceremony, the minister Mr. Padavi added a few sentence of his own to his oath. It instantly drew the ire of the Governor who sternly told the minister to stick to the text, and not spoil the solemnity of the occasion.

Good words used .. Admonish, Ire, Solemnity

100 different anti-CAA organizations to unite under one umbrella

Disparate political and student out-fits opposing the CAA have decided to move as a united force to campaign for repeal of the controversial legislation.

Good words used .. Disparate, Out-fit, Repeal

History Congress deplores detention of delegates

The 80th Indian History Congress concluded its session today. It passed a resolution condemning the way a few protesting students were whisked away by the police right before the start of the inauguration. The scholars didn’t like the stifling of dissent on the occasion.

Good words used .. Whisk away, Stifle


Australia wild fires force residents to sea waters

Uncontrolled inferno devoured towns in Victoria forcing the inmates to the sea beaches. However, the fire continued to spread and reached the beaches burning down the vegetation there too. Thousands of panicked residents entered the sea waters to escape being burned down by the fires.

Good words .. Inferno, Devour

Nissan’s ex-boss Carlos Ghosn flees Japan to reach Lebanon

The beleaguered Nissan boss has fled Japan apparently to avoid prosecution. He has reached Lebanon where he might seek asylum.

Air India might be awaiting its last days in the sky

The state-owned airline bleeds Rs.20 crores a day, and has a debt of Rs.30,000 crores. Even after repeated attempts to locate a buyer for the sick airline, no one has evinced any interest. In the meanwhile the government has refused to give further sovereign guarantees for fresh bank loans Air India requires to continue its operations. With funds drying up, curtains might finally be coming down on this aviation heritage company.

Telcos to start 5G trials soon

Telcos have been permitted to start their 5G trials to acclimatize themselves with the technology. Chinese Huawei will also be allowed to participate in the trials. The U.S. is trying hard to persuade India to keep Huawei out of the race. Ericson, Nokia, Samsung, and Huwaei are the four pioneers of 5G technology.

Tata Chairman Chandrasekhaan sends out a positive message

Mr. Chandrasekharan has stressed the fact that the company is stronger, more resilient and future-ready today than ever before. The recent NCALT decision restoring Cyrus Mistry as Chairman will see strong legal challenge by Tata Sons in the Supreme Court soon.

BSNL clears vendors’ dues of about Rs.1700 crores

The harassed vendors of BSNL breathed a sigh of relief when they received payments for their outstanding dues totaling Rs.1700 crores. The BSNL employees have also been assured that their November salaries will be cleared before year end.









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