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December 30, 2019

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Pejawar Seer no more

Vishewesha Tirtha Swami departed for his heavenly abode leaving scores of his devotees in the country and abroad plunged in grief. He was 88. A reformist by heart, he crusaded for giving equal treatment to Dalits in the teeth of strident criticisms all around from orthodox Hindus. He was a votary of the Ram Janma Bhoomi Movement, and had hoped to see a grand temple built in Ayodhya.

Good words and phrases used … In the teeth of, go to one’s heavenly abode, Crusade as verb, Votary

Hemanta Soren back as Jharkhand CM for the second time

Hemanta Soren became the 11th chief minister of the mineral-rich, but very poor state. The swearing ceremony was attended by a galaxy of opposition stalwarts, and heavy media presence. The JMM victory has left the BJP crestfallen.

In his first order, he has ordered withdrawal of hundreds of cases filed against the locals during the Pathalgiri agitation.

Good words used .. Crestfallen, Galaxy

No rules framed for NRC yet, asserts Ravi Shanker Prasad

The Union Law Minister tried to calm the nerves of the minority communities by stating that no rules have been framed for the NRC exercise yet. However, he didn’t categorically state that NRC idea has been abandoned by his government. This will not mollify the protesters who continue to agitate around the country.

Good words and phrases used .. Calm one’s nerves, Mollify


RGUHS question setter on the dock for copy-paste work

The questions set for the second year students were exactly the same as those for the final internal assessment. The question setter disregarded the rules that questions must not be repeated. The indolence of the question setter has drawn flak of both the students and the authorities.

Lukewarm response to Posan Abhiyan in most parts of the country

The National Nutrition Mission was launched three years ago to combat the widespread incidence of malnutrition. However, most states have shown insipid attitude to this scheme. They have bare spent 30% of the allotted funds with some states spending less than one percent. Thus, this flagship program which the World Bank reimburse by half, has remained a non-starter. Mizoram has emerged as the top performer in this scheme.

Good words used .. Lukewarm, Insipid, Flagship

Amitabh Bacchan gets Dada Saheb Phalke award

Veteran actor, Amitabh Bachhan, has received the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke award for his stellar contribution to the world of films.

CRPF Jawans to get 100 days leave

Realizing the extreme stress the CRPF jawans endure during the course of their duty in the most fraught and hostile parts of the country, the Union government has allowed 100 days leave for CRF personnel, so that they get enough time to recoup and unwind in the company of their families.

Good words used .. Fraught, Endure, Recoup, Un-wind

Navy plans to induct 24 submarines to bolster its fleet

24 new submarines that will include six nuclear attack submarines will be built by the navy to replenish the present submarine fleet whose subs are nearing the end of their life cycle of 25 years.

Canine sentries maintain vigil along the LOC defying the subzero temperature

Trained dogs patrol the LOC in harsh cold weather to augment the work of the soldiers. The dog squads’ unflinching dedication has won them laurels from senior army commanders.

Good words used .. Unflinching, Laurel

Chief of Defence Staff age set at 65

The Union government has notified that the age limit or the CoDS will be 65. However, the maximum tenure of his job has not been specified.

Reparation claims from citizens can’t be made without following due process of law

After a group of Muslims handed over a check of Rs.6.27 lakh to Chief Minister Adityanath, legal experts have expressed the opinion that claiming and receiving cost of damages to public property has to be preceded by legal process where courts have to decide on the maintainability and quantum of such compensation demands. Without this, the process is flawed.

Kurnool becomes hotbed of anti-CAA protests

After remaining quiet for some days, the anti-CAA protest fever has gripped Kurnool in Andhra as crowds swell in the protest sites with frenzied excitement.

Center will not countenance waste of money in Andhra capital building

The BJP leader Sujana has said that the central government will not be a mute spectator to the Jagan Reddy government’s move to shift the capital’s site and build three capitals. Sujana railed against such colossal waste of public money.

Good words used .. Countenance, Colossal, Rail against

Guru Nanak’s centuries-old link with Nizam’s Nirmal

The Udasi Mutt in Nirmal town was built in 1822 in Deccan by Dewan Chandulal, who was the Prime Minister of the Nizam, Asaf Jahar III. The heritage got a face-lift as the 550th birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Devji is being observed with gusto.

Good words used … Face-lift, Gusto

Prof. Irfan Habib takes objection to Governor Arif Mohammed Khan’s intervention

The Governor kicked up a row when he spoke against the anti-CA protesters in the audience in very disparaging words. The Governor was speaking in the History Congress, where he spoke approvingly about the CAA.

Good words and phrases used … Kick up a row, Disparaging


Five succumb to stab injuries in New York Rabii’s home

The assailant managed to enter the home of the Rabii when Hannukah celebrations were going on. Five people died in the attack, before the intruder could be subdued and arrested.

Good words used .. Assailant, Subdue

Three Indians die in Egypt tourist accident

The bus carrying a group of tourists crashed into a speeding truck and broke into pieces. The Indians on board died.

Blast disrupts military parade in Yemen

Houthi rebels succeeded to mount a devastating attack on a government military parade. Six people died and many more were injured. The incident caused major embarrassment for the government.

Ukraine rivals swap 200 prisoners.

The official Ukraine government side and a rival Russia-backed military faction exchanged 200 prisoners. The process was facilitated by Russia.  The exchange process, however, invited derision from hardliners of both sides who thought it was like giving in to the adversary.

God words used….Swap, Derision, Give in, Adversary

Taliban council agrees to ceasefire

A 10-day ceasefire is likely to be accepted by the Taliban. This will give the negotiators from Washington and the local Taliban to sign a peace deal that could pave the way for exit of U.S. troops from the country.

Pakistan to host OIC meet to discuss Kashmir and CAA

Pakistan has gone on a diplomatic offensive to malign India in the international stage. It has agreed to host the next OIC summit where the CAA and Kashmir issues will be considered.

NRC India’s internal matter, says Bngladesh DG

The Director General of Bangladesh Border Guards has said that NRC is India’s internal matter, and Bangladesh wouldn’t comment on it.


The consequences of botched Paris Agreement: India might lose millions of carbon credits

In the just concluded COP 25, India had hoped to win the right to sell the carbon credits it has earned over the years. But, even after intense deliberations, the Madrid talks ended fruitlessly. No agreement was signed, leaving the fate of billions of carbon credits uncertain. This is against India’s interests.

What is carbon trading? …Carbon trading is a market-based system to reduce greenhouse gases contributing to global warming, particularly carbon dioxide. Countries and companies that earn carbon credits by cutting emissions can then sell those credits for money. [Source BBC]







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