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December 22, 2019

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U.P death toll mounts, as violent protests stretch police forces
Town after town in U.P saw protesters coming on to the streets to rail against the CAA. Miscreants had a field day as they mingled with the crowds to vandalize public properties. Presence of large numbers of women and children among the crowds made it difficult to resort to their usual coercive methods. By the end of the day, 16 people had died, although the police disclaim firing from their side. Internet services were shut that affected normal life greatly.

India China to resolve their border dispute fairly
After the 22nd Sino-India border talks, the designated special representatives of either side agreed to proceed towards a settlement with renewed urgency as was agreed upon by Prime Minister Modi, and President Xi Jinping.
Prime Minister Modi to address rally in Ram Lila Maidan
P.M. Modi will address a rally today where he will possibly outline his government’s thinking on the CAB and NRC that has created so much disquiet among the citizens.


282 manual scavenging deaths since 2016
The scourge of manual scavenging refuses to go away despite extensive legislation and agitation by activists. Tami Nadu and Haryana top the list of states where such a deplorable practice still prevails. More disturbingly, as even the authorities admit, the figures officially reported are far less than the actual toll.
Good words used .. Scourge, Deplorable

Perpetrator of the Ranchi rape and murder gets death sentence
The rape and murder of a young woman by a man had caused widespread public anger in Jharkhand. The trial ended today with the award of death penalty for the accused who was also slapped with a fine of Rs.20,000. During the investigation, it emerged that the accused is a serial killer having been involved in more than 10 such heinous offences elsewhere.
Good words used … Perpetrator. Heinous

India will have a new parliament building
Plans are afoot to build a new parliament building in a 9.5 acre plot adjacent to the existing building. However, many activists have questioned the wisdom of discarding the present structure that has immense heritage value, besides its abiding place in the psyche of the nation.
Good words used .. Abiding, Psyche

BJP plans massive awareness campaign to apprise people about the CAA
Rattled by the nationwide protests that have caused anti-government sentiments, the BJP has decided to start a mass contact program to explain how the CAB and the NRC benefit the nation without harming the common man’s interest. The party feels such a program could calm the frayed tempers of the people, and dispel their misgivings about the measures.
Good words and phrases used .. Calm the frayed tempers, Dispel, Misgivings

Assam plans to bring in land rights laws
Assam mired by interminable ethnic strife has seen mounting anger against the government for its failure to safeguard the Assamese identity. Now, the state government wants to bring in a law that would bar buying of land by ‘outsiders’ from native Assamese people.

Andhra ropes in BCG for expert help to select a capital location around Vijawada
The Andhra government will consult with the G. N. Rao-led committee and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to finalize a location for its upcoming capital. However, the YSR government has almost zeroed in on Vishakhapatnam as the executive capital of the state, and Kurnool as the place for the high court. The government’s decision to have three capitals has drawn the ire of the people who think the idea, when implemented, will be a big drain on the resources of Andhra.
Good words used .. Ire, Be a drain on, Zero in

Udhav Thackeray announces loan waiver to farmers
Following on his promises, the Chief Minster has unveiled a plan to waive the loans of farmers whose outstanding amounts as on September 30 were Rs.2 lakh or below . This step, he declared will go some way in ameliorating farm crisis that has plagued Maharashtra.
Good words and phrases used .. Follow on, Unveil, Ameliorating, Plague

Bhim Army Chief Azad held in the wee hours
Culminating in his surrender to police, the Bhim Army Chief, Azad, kept the cops and his followers guessing for the whole day about his whereabouts. He had earlier escaped dramatically from the police custody. At around 4am, he surfaced mysteriously inside the Masjid complex to address a large gathering of anti-CAB protesters.
Good words used .. Culminate, Whereabouts,

M. Sc(Electronics media) topper refuses to accept her degree in Pondicherry University as CAA protest
In a show of defiance, and symbolic resistance, a woman student who had topped her examination in M. Sc declined to accept her degree. She said she was too disturbed at the way the BJP government had steam-rolled all opposition to the CAA.
Good words used … Defiance, Steam-roll

‘Bus priority lane’ a win-win solution for Bengaluru’s traffic snarls
The introduction of a dedicated bus corridor in the Outer Ring Road(ORR) between Silk Road and Tin Factory in K. R. Puram has cut travel time by about 20 minutes. It has boosted BMTC revenue collection as more and more passengers patronize bus travel.
Good words used .. Snarl, Boost, Patronize


India summons Malaysian envoy over Mahatir’s comments on CAA
To convey India’s displeasure over Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir’s criticism of India’s CCA legislation, the envoy was summoned to the Indian foreign ministry and told that such comments on India’s internal matters are unacceptable.

Pakistani Professor gets death sentence on blasphemy charges
The academic was alleged to have posted derogatory comments against the Prophet in the social media. In Pakistan, blasphemy is a very emotive issue that easily sways public opinion, media and the judiciary. The lawyers representing the accused said they will appeal against the harsh order.
Good words used.. Emotive, Derogatory, Sway, Blasphemy

ICC decides to investigate all war crimes allegations in Palestine since 2014
The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court declared that she would go into each case of war crimes purported to have been committed by the Israelis since 2014. The announcement invited sharp disapproval from the Israelis and the U.S. The Palestinians, on the other hand, received the news with glee.
Good words used … Glee, Purported

U.S. sanctions Russia for building the gas pipe line to Germany
In what seems to be an absurd over-reaction, the U.S. has imposed sanctions on Russia for the latter laying a gas pipeline to Europe. The U.S. felt building such a pipeline could give Russia a big influence over Germany and European affairs.

50,000 guns sold back to New Zealand government
After the Christchurch massacre by a mentally deranged man, the New Zealand government offered to buy back guns from the public. The offer evinced considerable interest among New Zealanders, who turned over a massive stock of weapons in exchange for money.
Good words and phrases used .. Evince, Turn over


Banking sector’s NPA will taper off by this Fiscal end, says SBI chief
The Chairman of SBI, Rajnish Kumar has said that the NPAs of banks will start deccelerating by the end of this fiscal. He also said that there is no shortage of capital, but the corporates are fighting shy of taking more loans. This is further exacerbating the sluggishness of the economy.
Good words and phrases used .. Fight shy of, Sluggish, Exacerbate

Tata Sons is clueless about inclusion of Cyrus Mistry in Board
The NCALT decision restituting Cyrus Mistry and directing his appointment to the Tata Sons Board had posed a big dilemma to the company as the relations between the present board members and Cyrus Mistry is bitter, and frayed. The legal experts are finding ways to work around this problem.

No GST rate cuts , or slabs for now, Sushil Modi
The Convener of the Group of Ministers, Sushil Modi has clarified that under present tight fiscal conditions, a cut in rates or slabs of GST is not possible, nor advisable.

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