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December 21, 2019

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Violence erupts across UP: seven killed in police firing

Anti-CAA protests rocked towns across UP giving a tough time to police trying to rein in the mobs. Unsocial elements infiltrated the protesters and vandalized police stations and parked vehicles. In the police firing that followed, seven people succumbed to their injuries causing further flare-up of tension. Government had to shut down the internet in large parts of the state to curb spread of malicious content. The ordinary people bore the brunt of the disturbance as fear and angst gripped communities.

Good words and phrases used .. Rein in, Succumb to, Flare-up, Malicious, Bear the brunt of, Angst

Senger gets imprisonment for life and a fine of Rs.25 lakh

Senger, the ex-BJP MLA and rape ccused, who had managed to manipulate the police, and unleash barbaric vengeance against the hapless victim will now spend the rest of his life in jail, and pay Rs.25 lakh as fine. The judge made scathing remarks against the CBI for the insensitive and lackadaisical manner in which they handled the case. He also directed the Agency to ensure the victim’s family is kept out of harm’s way, given the vengeful attitude of the convict.

Good words and phrases used .. To keep out of harm’s way, Scathing, Unleash, Lackadaisical, Vengeance


Mangaluru shows a semblance of normalcy, but tension simmers

After a day of wanton vandalism, and police firing, the coastal town appeared to be returning to normalcy, but resentment against the CAA and the police authorities seemed to hang in the air.

Good words and phrases used .. Wanton, Hang in the air, Semblance, Simmer

Four accused in the Jaipur serial blast to be sent to the gallows

The four masterminds behind the Jaipur serial blast that killed nearly 80, and injured more than 130 have been awarded death sentence by a court.  The incident had happened in May, 2008. The relatives of those killed and injured would get some relief thinking that the guilty have finally been brought to justice.

Good words used .. Send to the gallows, Mastermind, Brought to justice

Politicians get busy with their polemics as the anti-CAA agitation goes on without them

Political parties in the opposition have been busy with their searing criticism of the BJP government for the deaths and alleged police excesses. The BJP is trying to portray the agitation as misguided, and a result of vicious misinformation spread by the Congress, in particular.

Good words used .. Polemics, Searing, Vicious

Maharashtra irrigation scam: Ajit Pawar gets a clean chit from his own government

The Anti Corruption Bureau of Maharashtra has cleared him of all charges in the irrigation scam. That Ajit Pawar would never face the law was a foregone conclusion, especially the way BJP courted him, and the present coalition made him the Deputy Chief Minister, but the brazenness of the political class has invited derision from the common folks.

Good words used ,, Derision, Brazenness, Foregone Courted

Apache helicopter deal on the anvil

The deal for buying six AH-64E Apache helicopters from the United States at a cost of 950 million USD will be signed early next. The Indian Army will buy a total of 22 Apaches.

Foreign Minister Jayshanker skips meet

Foreign Minister Jayshanker has skipped a meet with U.S. House Foreign House Relations Committee pointing out to the possible presence of Ms. Pramila Jaypal during the deliberations. She has moved a resolution in the House censuring India’s perceived suppression of basic human rights in Kashmir. This apparently irked Mr. Jayshanker, who abruptly called off the meeting. Unfazed, Ms. Jaypal continued air her views over the matter.

Good words used ..Unfazed, Irked,

Nitish backtracks on CAA support

Caught by surprise at the way spontaneous country wide protests have erupted, Nitish Kumar, the wily politician, does not appear to backing the wrong horse. He is giving enough hints to indicate that he would not co-operate with the center in CAA implementation.

Good words and phrases used .. Backtrack, Back the wrong horse

Jharkhand poll results may go down to the wire

Opinion polls indicate a hung parliament with the JMM-led coalition having an edge over the ruling BJP. The results will be known on 22nd.

Good words and phrases used.. Go down to the wire, Have an edge over


Boris Johnson clears the first step towards Brexit

The prime minister tasted his first success in parliament when his Brexi bill passed the first floor test resoundingly. As many as 358 MPs supported it, and just 234 opposed it.

Trump asks for early Senate trial

Angry and resentful about the way the Democrats rushed his impeachment, an irate Trump demanded the Senate take up his trial and finish it one way or the other. However, it is certain that the Senate would reject the impeachment.

Earthquake rattles parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan

A 6.3 Reichter scale earthquake jolted parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan causing widespread panic. Tremors of the quake were felt as far away as in Delhi.

Wild bush fires spread all over Australian towns and cities

As a result of prolonged drought and scorching heat during day, dry bushes around towns and cities seem to ignite spontaneously. The fires spreading uncontrollably in all directions have ravaged properties creating panic among people. The government has advised tourists to postpone their plans to come to the country till the fires are doused and normalcy returns.

Good words used .. Scorching, Ignite, Ravage, Douse

Sparks fly in the presidential candidate debate as JOE Biden and Bernie Sanders clash.

Seven presidential hopefuls of the Democratic party engaged in a fiery debate to prove their worth for the top job, although they were unanimous in their stand that Trump must get a second in the White House in the 2020 elections.

President Trump announces formation of ‘Space Force’

To counter the threats coming from space, Trump has announced the formation of a Space command that will operate under the U.S. Air Force.

Park judge vents his anger at the way his detractors pounce upon him

After his verdict to hang Musharraf’s corpse for three days, the judge has drawn the ire of army and some civilians.  They feel the judge had a sick and paranoid mind to have passed such a bizarre verdict. Now, the judge, Justice Saeed Khosa, has hit back saying he was convinced he had passed the right judgment.

Good words used .. Bizarre, Paranoid


Government all set to start spectrum auction: 5G services coming

The Digital Communications Commission(DCC) has approved plans to auction over 8300 MHz spectrum along with 5G services early next year. The reserve price has been set at Rs.5.22lakh crores. The successful bidders will have to make an upfront payment of 25% of their bid value for bands less than I GHz, and 50% of their bid value for higher bands. Out of the 8300MHz, 6050MHz are meant for 5G services.

Anand Mahindra to step down as Executive Chairman

Anand Mahindra will hang his gloves to make way for Anish Shah, who will join the board and later become the Chairman and CEO of the Mahindra group. The transition process will stretch till 2021. The Mahindra group is India’s legacy brand in auto sector.

Good words and phrases used .. Hang one’s gloves, Legacy

PM Modi assuages the concern of corporate about risky decisions

The Prime Minster has assured corporate honchos that they will be insulated against criminal proceedings if any of their well-intentioned decisions prove to be wrong, and cause losses to their companies. He also expressed confidence that India would soon come out of the present slow-down, and continue apace in its growth path.

Good words used .. Assuage, Apace







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