Suggestions for alleviating India’s unemployment problem in India – Essay

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Suggestions for alleviating India’s unemployment problem in India 

With varying estimates of unemployment emanating from the EPFO, CMIE (Center for Monitoring Indian Economy), Labour Bureau, and some other agencies, it has become a contentious topic to state the actual number of unemployed and under-employed people in India. However, the fact remains that unemployment situation is worsening by the day, and it may reach explosive situation soon.

India has been plagued by poverty for ages, it will be unjust to blame the present or past governments for the malaise. Burgeoning youth population, poor quality of education, and abandoning agriculture as a profession due to its un-remunerative nature, and the exodus of rural youth to urban centers for livelihood are among the many causes that have exacerbate the problem in recent years. Some sources say that unemployment today is the worst in last 45 years.

In my view, large amount of spending by government in areas like infrastructure, water-conservation, inter-linking of rivers, planting of trees etc. are some of the important steps that can alleviate the unemployment problem. Each of these areas are labour-intensive and prove effective in fighting drought, pollution, and ensuring water safety for urban centers etc. Year-round water availability will boost agricultural productivity and income. This will check large scale migration of rural labour to cities.

Establishing labour intensive industries in textile and jute sectors, boosting tourism, promoting affordable healthcare facilities, and improving the quality of education are areas where the country should focus to create more jobs.

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