Sociology – Dominant caste system in India

Dominant caste system in India


This is something so typically Indian. It’s a scourge that has caused immense misery to millions of people over centuries. The Brahmins are at the top of the caste hierarchy, lording over other castes. Their treatment of the Dalits particularly is despicable. Being the dominant caste, they have created a social architecture that saves them from doing any manual labor in the field. Wealth and earning come to them with not much effort. They enjoy a lot of clout in the administration as kings and emperors befriended them for some perceived spiritual benefit.

The sway of Brahmins in modern India has been somewhat dented by strict anti-caste legislations, yet this abominable system continues to shame us in world stage.

Brahmins have made it mandatory for priests in temples to be from their caste only. Efforts to change this exploitative system have been resisted by Brahmins tooth and nail. Fortunately, meritorious candidates from other castes have made inroads into bureaucracy, army, and universities in large numbers. The credit for bringing abut such epoch-making changes to the dominant caste system goes to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

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