Odisha State Board Plus 2 Englsh –Money Madness

Money Madness by D. H. Lawrence

Think it out …
1. Are all the people of the world …..Yes, all humans in this world are possessed by the lure of money. The opening two lines point to this.
‘Money is our madness, our vast collective madness
And if the multitude is mad’.

2. Are all the people equally … The whole of mankind has been perceived by the poet to be gripped by lucre.

3. How does a man … While parting with a pound, a person feels a certain degree of sadness and loss.

4. How does a man feel .. When giving out a ten-pound note, a man feels a tremor expressing his utter hesitation and grief.

5. What kind of feeling .. Money gives a man an aura of superiority, vanity, and dignity.

6. Are we really afraid of … We don’t dread money, but we feel awed at the sight of a moneyed man.

7. What do people say … People instinctively ask how much is the bank balance of a person, as if this is the single most important yardstick for measuring their worth.

8. How many times ….. The word ‘dirt’ appears four times in the poem. It has been used metaphorically to denote indignity, contempt, aloofness, and selfishness.

9. How do money-mad men … Moneyed people look down upon those who are not so blessed, assuming them to be inferior, worthless, and unequal.

10. What does a ….A man without money has to suffer indignity, sneer, and contempt.

11. Why does the poet say … Without money, life becomes insufferable with insult, humiliation, and indignity coming in from all directions relentlessly. To have the minimum honor and respect, the poet feels that we must have some money.

12. What does the poet mean by .. Bread means food, shelter means dwelling, and fire means fuel to cook and keep oneself warm.

13. Do you think .. Logically, these three basic needs of life should be free particularly for the disadvantaged people. But, such welfare measures will cost a lot of money for the government. The moot question is if the government can mobilize the necessary resources.

14. Why does the poet repeat the word .. The poet feels very strongly about the need for free access to food, shelter and fuel for everyone. This is why he repeats the words twice.

15. What does it mean .. ‘To regain our sanity’ means to reclaim our sense of good judgment, goodness, and all other virtues that separates humans from animals.

16. What are the two things …The poet is convinced that we have to choose between the two ways – going blindly for money, and sacrificing al the noble vales of life, or wanton violence, unleashing of animal instincts a slid back to the ‘Stone Age’.

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