Paraphrasing Exercise – 3 – Creative Writing

Paraphrasing Exercise – 3

Creative Writing – 156

Paraphrase the following passages from the New York Times

Russia Is Using Old Ukrainian Missiles Against Ukraine, General Says

The missiles, returned to Russia in the 1990s under an agreement aimed at assuring Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, have shown up in rubble.

Rescue workers combing through the rubble of a residential building in Kyiv, Ukraine, that was hit in a Russian attack in October.
a large wave of Russian missiles slammed into targets across the country in October, Ukraine’s intelligence officials noticed something strange in the rubble.

It was the wreckage of a Kh-55 subsonic cruise missile designed in the 1970s to carry a nuclear warhead. The warhead had been removed and ballast added to disguise the fact that it was not carrying a payload, said Gen. Vadym Skibitsky, Ukraine’s deputy intelligence chief — an assertion now backed by the Pentagon and British military intelligence.

But that was not all the intelligence officials found. The missile had been built in a Ukrainian weapons factory.

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