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Paper has more Patience than Man

Ever since Paper was invented in China, it has continued to make deep inroads to the life of humans. In combination with the pen, it remains the most preferred medium to express one’s thoughts. Books, newspapers, important legal documents, photographs, product brochures, political manifestoes etc. are all written on paper. Despite the advent of the computers, and instant emailing and messaging facilities, Paper still remains the dominant conveyer and chronicler of emotions, events, views and accomplishments.

Sadly, Paper also suffers the most abuse and misuse in the hands of man. Pernicious propaganda, pornographic literature, and slanderous stories are all written on paper. Paper knows the obnoxious nature of the content, but its incredible patience makes it to bear the burden of immorality without a whimper. It faithfully holds the sinful content till it yellows and frays with age. People vent their anger by burning the books and newspapers they feel carry the loathsome content, but Paper never retaliates at such wanton injustice and humiliation. Water colours are painted on Paper. With great deference to the artists, and the countless viewers, Paper holds on to the minutest details of the art with astounding faithfulness and sincerity. Sadly, in return, it is framed and kept imprisoned, and hung from a wall. Sandwiched between glass and cardboard with no access to air or sunlight, it chokes to death due to dotage. Paper’s patience is of Himalayan proportions.

Paper is put to still more ignominious use by humans. It is used as toilet paper and tissue paper to bear human waste. Because Paper has boundless patience, it never complains. The petulant and the irascible humans can take lessons on patience from Paper.

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