BA English – A Lesson My Father Taught Me by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam – Comprehension

A Lesson My Father Taught Me

About the author, Abdul Kalam.. It’s doubtful if any other Indian in living memory commands as much adoration as A.P. J Abdul Kalam. He has departed from this world, but in the psyche of every Indian young and old alike, Kalam has carved a place for himself. He was a teacher par excellence, a motivator, and an embodiment of high moral values of life. Countless students have emulated him and plan to follow his footsteps. He died in harness – while beginning to deliver a lecture to the students of IIM, Assam. India lost a true teacher.

Comprehension check ..

  1. What type of character does Kalam …………. childhood circumstances ?
    Ans: Kalam was a very humble, and honest person. He was never pretentious or boastful. Modesty and humility were written large in his personality. Like Gandhi, he bared everything about his upbringing in a modest home.
  2. How did Kalam take ……………………….. What was …………… his attitude?
    Ans: Kalam’s father was a strict disciplinarian, and enforced it with an iron hand in the family. Kalam, as a boy, found his father’s approach somewhat harsh, but he was too obedient to raise any voice against his father. The stress on character and morality from the childhood shaped Kalam’s personality later, and enabled him to reach the pinnacle of his career.
  3. Bring out the characteristic features of his father’s personality.
    Ans: Kalam’s father was a devout Muslim, but was very respectful of other’s faiths. He was brutally honest and would never waver from the path of honesty by accepting inducements.
  4. Kalam is a gifted teacher. What does ………………………… teaching?
    Ans: Kalam was able to break down complex concepts of scientific topics to very easily understandable ideas. When he was taking a class, he would go through the matter over and over again till the last student in the class understood it.
  5. “Work with integrity and succeed with integrity”—explain the idea.
    Ans: For Kalam, laziness in work place and not giving his best to the work in hand was surely very abominable ideas. He used to spend long hours in the laboratory — a habit that remained with him till his death. Similarly, he would not accept adulation for any good work not done by him. He generously accepted the contribution of his team mates. That made him a good leader.

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