Writing skill development -Sentence joining

Join the following sentences in such a way that the single sentence formed starts with the word indicated.


Example …Miss Nivedita Swain married Mr. Harihar Sahu. She changed her official name to Mrs. Nivedita Sahu.

Possible answers ..

  1. Consequent on her marriage to Mr. Harihar Sahu, Miss Nivedita Swain changed her official name to Mrs. Nivedita Sahu.
  2. Her marriage to Harihar Sahu led to Mrs. Nivedita Swain changing hername to Mrs. Nivedita Sahu.
  3. The official name of Miss Nvedita Swain changed to Mrs. Nivedita Sahu after her marriage to Mr. Harihar Sahu.



Q1. The children of the deceased old man engaged a detective to find out where their father had hidden the treasure of the family. The detective worked hard for two years to unravel the mystery surrounding the treasure. Finally he succeeded. The children rewarded him handsomely. They retrieved the wealth. They shared the treasure amicably.

Answers …..

  1. The unraveling …. The unraveling by the detective of the location where their dead father had hidden the family wealth led to an amicable sharing of the retrieved treasure among the family members, and a handsome reward for the detective for his two years of hard work.


  1. The children ………… The children amicably shared their late father’s hidden wealth after a detective succeeded to locate and retrieve it, and they handsomely rewarded him for his two years of hard work.



  1. The retrieval of the ……………. The retrieval of the hidden wealth of their late father won the detective a handsome reward by the family members, who later shared the retrieved treasure amicably among themselves.


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