Writing a letter requesting for funds for a library

Letter Writing – 5

Creative Writing – 49

Letter to Collector for library

The villagers of Kumbharapada


The Collector
Khurda District

Subject:  Request for financial grant of Rs. 80,000 for starting a library


We are the inhabitants of Srirampur village coming under your jurisdiction. We have decided to start a library in our village. The library will have academic books for students, newspapers and magazines, religious books like the Bhagwat Gita and the Koran and the Bible, and some novels in Oriya, Hindi and English. We give below some information that you might need to consider our case.

a. The population of our village is about 5,000. Among them, there are nearly 500 school and college-going students, some retired army personnel and serving government servants, and a few businessmen. There are many elderly men and women. The literacy rate of our village is as high as 90%.

b. Ours is a village where people of other faiths like Christianity and Islam live with their majority Hindu neighbours in harmony. We never had any communal strife.

c. There is no library in our village. As a result of this, students face inconvenience for accessing high-value reference books. The old generation while away their time in boredom as they have no books or newspapers to read. The younger married women have little avenue for healthy recreation.

A library of the type we plan will enhance the community life of our village and enable the students to study better. We estimate that the cost of the 400 books short-listed by us will be around Rs. 90, 000. For this, we have collected Rs.10, 000 through subscription. The Sarpanch has also agreed to allocate one room of the village Panchayat office to house the library.

Under these circumstances, we feel a grant of Rs.80,000 from your office can bring this project to fruition. We, therefore, request you to sanction this amount and oblige.

Thanking you,
Your faithfully
(Name and cell phone number of the signing person)
(Villagers of Kumbharapada)

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