Vocabulary building — Common mistakes done by students –Alternate & Alternative

Alternate …

  • I do yoga on alternate days because time doesn’t permit me to do daily. So, I do it on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday.

  • I was in great pain. I needed medical help. I called two of my closest friends alternately. After a while, one of the friends told me that she would reach my house in five minutes.

  • We were hard-pressed for money. So, we decided to curtail our expenses. As the first step, we decided to buy milk on alternate days, not daily. Thus, we haves gap between two purchases.



  • I enrolled for BA course because my marks didn’t enable me to enroll in B.Sc. I had no alternative solution.

  • The soldier was very severely wounded in battle. His left leg had been broken in three places as an enemy tank crushed him during an operation. The surgeons realised that there was no way to treat the severe injury. Seeing no alternative, they amputated the whole leg. It was a very tragic experience.

  • Some times, when the winter’s cold becomes very severe, poor people come out to the streets and burn wood, cow dung cakes etc,. to light up a fire. They huddle around it to keep warm. This is the only alternative available to poor people to survive the biting cold.


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